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历史语言和文化 捷克

Czech Republic today It has a history of about 2,000 years since the Slavonic Tribes (Slavonic Tribes) or Slavic tribes. To settle, Bohemia was first developed as an independent state in the 9th century, but later in the 13th century German tribes immigrated to occupy the present Czech land as a colony. This is the factor that created the Czech culture to have both the German and Slavic tribes. Prague is filled with a wide variety of architecture such as Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque renaissance and various art forms, making Prague a city that shows off the Czech history. Well Since the Roman Empire. Until the time of the Habsburg dynasty (Around 15-18) and UNESCO. Selected as a World Cultural Heritage Site, the Czech Republic is also famous and has a long history of brewing. Especially in Pilsen.


Czech language.


Mostly Roman Catholic and some Protestant, including churches such as the Reformed, Lutheran, Methodist, Unity of Czech Brothers and Baptist. Thera is a small jewish community, mainly in Prague.

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