How to Book a Hotel at TraveliGo

Search for Hotel

Start searching by entering a destination name with a place or hotel name, followed by length of stay and total number of rooms / guests

Select Hotel

On the search results page, choose the hotel you want. Click for checking price and room description.

Book a Hotel Room

On the hotel details page, select the room that you want. (Price shown is the price per night)

Fill in contact information and guest information

Fill in contact information and guest information. Check the accuracy of the data. Read and review booking terms and conditions before proceeding to the payment page.

Payment Processing

Select a payment channel and make a payment within the specified time.

Receive Hotel Voucher

After payment successful, guest will receive a Hotel Voucher via Email.


If you need help or do not receive electronic tickets / hotel confirmation voucher within 60 minutes after payment.

Please contact our customer service 24/7.

Customer Service