Georgia Tbilisi Stay at Rabati Castle 8 Days 5 Nights TATGE 7439

Georgia Tbilisi Stay at Rabati Castle 8 Days 5 Nights TATGE 7439

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Georgia Tbilisi Stay at Rabati Castle 8 Days 5 Nights TATGE 7439

 第比利斯, 格鲁吉亚
出行日期 :
27 六 2023 到 04 七 2023
USD 1,675
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  • 日期
    Bangkok , Suvarnabhumi Airport – Istanbul

    08:00 p.m. Group together at Suvarnabhumi Airport International Departure Hall, 4th Floor, Gate No. 6-7, Counter N, Turkish Airlines (Turkish Airlines) Staff to welcome and assist you.
    11.05 p.m. Departure from Bangkok to Istanbul Airport. By Turkish Airlines by flight TK69 (food and beverage service on board, luggage will be checked through to Tbilisi Airport The weight of checked baggage is not more than 25 kg and can be carried on board 1 bag not more than 7 kg)

  • 日期
    Istanbul – Tbilisi – Diamond-Shaped Glass Suspension Bridge – Tbilisi City Tour – Sacred Heart Cathedral of Tbilisi – Metekhi Church – Peace Bridge – Cable Car to Narikala Fortress – City Walk Old Tbilisi - Pedestrian Plate Chardini

    05.15 a.m. Arrive at Istanbul Airport to change the machine
    06.40 a.m. Depart for Tbilisi Airport by Turkish Airlines by flight TK378
    09:55 a.m. Arrive at Tbilisi Airport Georgia Welcome staff lead you to Dashbashi Park (distance 116 kilometers, takes about 2 hours)
    At noon, lunch is served in the form of a picnic set.
    Take you to see the glass suspension bridge. which has a diamond-shaped glass dome hanging in the middle The bridge is 240 meters long and 149 meters above the ground. Dashbashi Canyon, the bridge is transparent. stretches across the valley Visitors will be able to see far-reaching views. and a beautiful view of the beautiful waterfall and cave. It is considered one of Georgia's most impressive natural monuments. and can be said to be the largest and tallest hanging architecture in the world. And is in the process of applying for support from the Guinness World Records, free for you to enjoy the atmosphere and taking pictures of the surrounding scenery Along with being able to choose to buy zipline rappelling activities You can also cycle across the valley.
    it's the right time take you to "Tbilisi" see the city of Tbilisi heart of georgia starting at Tbilisi's Holy Trinity Cathedral, commonly known as Sameba Sameba Cathedral, is the main church of the Georgian Orthodox Church. It was built between 1995 and 2004 and is the tallest cathedral in Georgia. and the third tallest Orthodox Church in Europe, with a height of 101 meters, located on Elia Hill Metekhi Church, a historic church in the city of Tbilisi Built in the fifth century Located on the edge of the cliffs of the Matkavari River. by King Vakhtang I of Jorgasali later in the years 1278-1284 Has been added by King Saint Demetrius II to have a high dome as a symbol of the Orthodox Church. and has the same destiny as any other Christian church. in all Georgia that has been destroyed and rebuilt several times It was built many more times. Until the year 1235, it was destroyed by the Mongols. and was rebuilt during the year 1278 to the year 1289, bringing you to take pictures with Peace bridge, a 150-meter long arch-shaped pedestrian bridge made of steel and glass with many LED lights over the Kura River in Tbilisi, connecting the Old City and the New City. First opened in 2010, it was designed by an Italian architect and consists of 10,000 little lights which are very beautiful at night. It is a beautiful piece of modern architecture that crosses the Kura River. Then walk through Rike Park, one of the newest parks located in the heart of Tbilisi to take you on the cable car to the Narikala Fortress for you to see the fortress. It was built around the 4th century in the form of Churis-tsi-ke, which means irregular form. Later, there was a further expansion in the reign of the Umayyad Dynasty - around the 7th century and in the reign of King David around the year 1089-1125. Later, when the Mongols came to occupy The name of the fort was Narin Qala, meaning Little Fortress. The fort consisted of a wall 4 km long and 25 m high and 25 towers. and corrosion according to the conditions until the need to be demolished And you can also see the Mother of Georgian monument in Georgia's capital Tbilisi. The statue was erected on Mount Sololaki in 1958. In the year Tbilisi celebrated its 1500th anniversary, Georgian sculptor Elguja Amashukeli designed the twenty-meter aluminum figure. of women in Georgian national costumes She is a symbol of Georgian national character. In her left hand is a bowl of wine to greet fellows, and in her right is a sword for enemies.
    Then take you down the hill to a flat area to Jan Shardni street, a pedestrian street in the old town with many shops, restaurants and cafes. And the atmosphere of the old town in a distinctive Georgian style. Go through the Gabriadze Theater clock tower, built in 2010 by Rezo Gabriadze, and every hour you can hear the bells. which the natives called as the voice of angels Between noon and 7:00 p.m., there will be a small puppet show. "Circle of Life" in this area. In addition, you will also see many people bringing products for sale, giving you the freedom to have time to shop at your own leisure.
    In the evening, dinner service at a local restaurant. with a traditional dance show
    Take you to the 4-star CLOCK HOTEL or equivalent in Tbilisi (Tbilisi).

  • 日期
    Tbilisi - Historical Monuments of Georgia - Ananuri Fortress - Kegeti Church - Russian-Georgian Friendship Monument - Gudauri

    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to see the Historical Monument of Georgia (The Chronicle of Georgia), a monument built by Zurab Tsereteli in 1985, but not yet completed. The monument has 16 pillars with a height between 30-35 meters in the upper half. It tells the story of kings, queens and heroes, while the lower part depicts stories from the life of Jesus Christ.
    Then take you to travel to Ananuri (distance 66 km, takes about 1.30 hours) to visit Ananuri Fortress located on the Aragvi River, one of the main rivers of Georgia. It was built in the 16th century by the Duke of Aragvi as a fort to take refuge in the war. made up of two towers The taller tower, named Sheupovari, is square in shape and remains in near perfect condition. The lower tower was a ruined round tower. Almost nothing left of the original From the top of this fortress overlooking the beautiful scenery of The Zhinvali Reservoir is an important site for bringing the stored water to the capital along with generating electricity.
    Noon: Lunch at HB Gudauri restaurant.
    Take you on a journey to Kazbegi (40 km distance, takes about 1 hour), which is the original name of the city. It has now changed to the name Stepants Sminda (Stepansminda) after a saint in the Orthodox Church named Stefan came to live and build a place to pray. You change the car to a 4-wheel drive jeep to take you up to see the beauty of Gergeti Trinity Church, the place, the main highlight that should not be missed when visiting Georgia. Was built around the 14th century, where the church is located at the northern end of Mount Kergeti. and the majestic Caucasus Mountains in the background It's time to bring you to Gudauri (Gudauri), a resort town (distance 40 kilometers, takes about 50 minutes), on the way you visit the Russian-Georgian Friendship Monument. (Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument), a large circular concrete monument. Built in 1983 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the friendship treaty between Georgia and Soviet Russia, it depicts the history and life of Georgians and Russians. decorated with colorful mosaic tiles and within the surrounding area There is also a souvenir shop.
    In the evening, dinner served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the GUDAURI INN, 4 star accommodation in the city of Gudauri or equivalent.

  • 日期
    Gudauri – Mikheta – Svetickoveli Church – Chavari Monastery – Uplistsikhe Cave City – Akkasikhe – Rabati Castle

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the city of MTSKHETA (distance 104 kilometers, takes about 2 hours), the former capital of the Iberian Empire. Before moving to Tbilisi, there are more than two thousand years old. and the origin of Orthodox Christianity in Georgia Located on the northern side of Tbilisi, on the eastern side of Georgia. This city is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the country. And today is the administrative center of Miss Keta and Tianity with a population of about 20,000 people because there are many historical sites and many Has been registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1994. Visit the Church of St. Vetichoveli. (Svetitskhoveli) or Church of the Cloak of Jesus which was worn before he was crucified. It is one of the main Georgian Orthodox churches. and is one of the most worshiped places in the region. Built in the 11th century, it has a well-preserved collection of beautiful frescoes. and Georgian architecture It symbolizes the conversion of Christianity to become the state religion of Georgia in AD 337 and is Georgia's largest ancient building.
    Noon: Lunch at a local restaurant.
    Visit Jvari Monastery or Church of the Holy Cross It is another sacred and important place of Georgia. It is a cathedral in the style of Orthodox Christianity. Built around the 6th century, the temple sits on a mountain at the confluence of two rivers, the Mikvari. and the Arakwi River and if you look across the city of Mikheta to a vast area In the past, it was the kingdom of Iberia (Kingdom of Iberia) that had ruled this area since 400 BC. Until about the 5th century AD, freedom allows you to capture the scenery of Mishkheta. and the confluence of the Kura and Arakwi rivers, which is very beautiful
    Then take you to the city of caves. Uplist Sikeh Uplistsikhe (distance 14 kilometers, travel time approx. 25 minutes). This is an ancient place with historical value of Georgia. Take you to see the cave village. Divided into 3 parts, the central part has the widest and largest area. There are many old architectures. It was built from stone cutting. and penetrate deep into the human habitation The interior is built to be linked through tunnels and narrow corridors and at some points there are stairs. to various points within the cave From the survey by archaeologists have found many utensils. Including antique gold and silverware, there are also ceramic utensils and beautiful carvings as well. These different belongings have been stored in the Starlin Museum. (Akhaltsikhe) (distance 48 km, travel about 1 hour) Visit Rabati Castle, the 9th century old castle built with the most beautiful and magnificent stone in Georgia. Inside consists of several buildings. It was used as the residence of Prince Javakheti and his family until the end of the 15th century when it fell under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. As a result, a mosque was built inside the castle during the year 1752, but after about 200 years Prince Paskevich of Russia conquered it. this castle and pulled back under Russian rule until the collapse of the Soviet Union Georgia declared independence and put Rabati Castle under Georgian control. until now
    In the evening, a buffet dinner is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Special brings you to the accommodation GINO RABATI, a 4-star hotel in the area of ​​Rabati Castle. or equivalent

  • 日期
    Akkasike - Kutaisi - Gelati Monastery - Terra Caves

    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    freedom for you to enjoy And take pictures to capture the bright morning atmosphere of Rabati Castle, then take you to the city of Kutaisi (Kutaisi) (176 km distance, takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes), a city that is second to most prosperous. from Tbilisi It is famous for its culture and has been registered as a World Heritage Site. Which, if going back to the 12th-13th century, Kutaisi was the ancient capital of the Empire of Colclis and the Kingdom of Emeretia, took you to see the monastery of Gelati ( Gelati Monastery) Royal Monastery of Kutaisi which has been registered To be one of the world heritage sites from the UNESCO organization in the year 1944, built according to his wishes. Of King David the 4th, the king who ruled Georgia during the 10-11th century. The monastery consists of two churches, the Virgin Mary Church. and St. George/St. Nicholas Church Inside the church there are fresco paintings. many beautiful pictures together The Gelati Monastery is also the country's premier institution that has produced many famous scientists, theologians, and scholars.
    Noon: Lunch at a local restaurant.
    Take you to visit Tetra Cave, also known as Tskaltubo Cave, many stalactite and stalagmite caves formed by chalk limestone. Until the origin of the name Tetri in Georgian, which means white. Inside the cave, more than 15,000 artifacts were discovered in the cave during archaeological excavations. including fragments of a Neanderthal skeleton unique household items There are also archaeological sites where rare animal remains have been found. You can enjoy an informed tour of the cave. Treatment for scoliosis at the event area And because the temperature inside the cave remains constant at 13-14 degrees throughout the year, it creates an ideal environment for aging wine.
    Special : Inside the cave, there is a demonstration that introduces you to the 8,000-year history of Georgian wine. and allows you to sample three different Imeretian wines.
    In the evening, dinner service at a Thai restaurant.
    Bring you to the 4-star KUTAISI INN HOTEL at Kutaizu City or equivalent.

  • 日期
    Kutaisi – Batumi City, Boulevard Street – Ali and Nino Monuments – Batumi Old Town – Piazza Square – Shopping

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the city of Batumi (BATUMI) (distance 154 kilometers, takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes), an important economic city of Georgia. It is located in the tropics along the Black Sea of Georgia. There is an industry for exporting agricultural products and seafood processing. Passing through the beauty of Batumi Boulevard (BATUMI BOULEVARD), an area with an old interest that was built around 1881, decorated and decorated with beautiful trees according to The length of the beach is about 7 kilometers, which has been divided into two parts. The original old part that is still preserved. and has increased the area of the new section to be beautiful by adding benches and fountains In the summer it is very popular and crowded with tourists at the beach. There are also many cafes, restaurants, clubs along the beach.
    Noon: Lunch service at a local restaurant with seafood menu.
    Visit the city of Batumi. Batumi is an important economic city of Georgia. In Adyara District It is a tropical city on the Black Sea of Georgia. There is an industry for exporting agricultural products and processing seafood. Take you to stop and take pictures with the Ali and Nino Moving Sculptures, a special statue 8 meters high by the Black Sea that can move every 10 minutes, the purpose of which was created to show the love of young people. Ethnicity and Religion It also represents peace between Georgia and Azerbaijan. Bring you to take pictures with Alphabetic Tower, a towering building. It is an important landmark of the city. See the atmosphere of the houses in The Old Town of Batumi, a building designed by a famous architect, is built in a special blend of architecture that is lovely and beautiful. Piazza Square, one of Batumi's main squares Which is surrounded by many restaurants and hotels on an area of more than 5,700 square meters. The surrounding architecture is truly inspired by Italy. Notice the mosaics and stained glass that can be seen in the buildings around the square. then bring you Shop for souvenirs, souvenirs, wine or local products. while watching the atmosphere of the city Batumi Plaza or Carrefour until a reasonable time brings you to the accommodation at the New Wave Hotel, a hotel in the center of Batumi. near shopping
    Evening dinner service at the restaurant
    Bring you to the NEW WAVE HOTEL at Batumi City (BATUMI)

  • 日期
    Batumi Airport - Istanbul Airport

    07:30 a.m. Check out from the hotel and take you to the airport. with breakfast pack
    10:35 a.m. Departure from Batumi Airport (BUS), Georgia By Turkish Airlines by flight TK 391 (food and beverage service on board, luggage will be checked through Tbilisi airport) up to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand, the maximum weight of checked baggage is not more than 25 kilograms and can be carried on board 1 piece per person, not more than 7 kilograms)
    11:40 a.m. Arrive at Istanbul Airport, Turkey for transfer. back to Bangkok
    Meal Lunch Cashback in Turkish Lira TRY 150 per person for
    *Special* during transit at Istanbul Airport You can use the tour service. istanbul tour “Touristanbul“, a free service provided by Turkish Airlines, to explore Istanbul. (This is a first-come, first-served registration service. It cannot be reserved in advance. Or guarantee the service that will be able to travel in the same car. Depending on the service of the airline) How to book After landing at Istanbul airport Touristanbul can be registered at the Hotel Desk in the airport's International Arrivals Hall using your full name and ticket number only. (Tour leader help facilitate registration)

    Free Istanbul Tour Schedule & Itinerary Choose one of the programs
    istanbul tour There are a total of 6 free tour programs that passengers can take during transit.
    Tours run daily and can be taken at Istanbul Airport. Itinerary for free Istanbul tours is as follows:
    T01: 08:00 to 11:30 Sightseeing tour T02: 08:30 to 15:00 tour
    T03: 08:30 to 16:00 tour T04: 12:00 to 18:00 tour
    T05: 16:00 to 21:30 walk tour T06: 18:00 to 23:00 Bosphorus tour
    Recommended program for the faculty : T05: 16:00 to 21:30 Walk Tour Itinerary
    • Officers escort the delegation out of Istanbul Airport and observe
    • Following the Coastal Road
    • Yeni Kapı Harbor, Beyazit Square, Istanbul University (view outside)
    • Beyazit Tower, Old Book Market, Grand Bazaar
    • Çorlulu Ali Pasha Mosque, Tomb of Mahmud the 2nd , Column of Constantine
    Hippodrome Square, German Fountain, Egyptian Obelisk, Serpentine Column
    • Obelisk of Theodosius, Blue Mosque (view and photograph outside), Hagia Sophia (view and photograph outside),
    • Dinner
    • Return to Istanbul Airport, arrive at the airport around 9:30 p.m.

  • 日期
    Istanbul Airport - Bangkok,Suvarnabhumi Airport

    01:45 a.m. Departure from Istanbul Airport, Turkey to Suvarnabhumi International Airport by Turkish Airlines By flight TK 068 (Dining and resting on the plane)
    03:20 p.m. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Thailand safely.

Meals And Accommodation
CLOCK HOTEL or equivalent
GUDAURI INN or equivalent
GINO RABATI, hotel in the area of ​​Rabati Castle. or equivalent
KUTAISI INN HOTEL at Kutaizu City or equivalent.
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