mumok: Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation: Skip The Line (mumok: Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation: Skip The Line) 维也纳 奧地利

mumok: Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation: Skip The Line

 维也纳, 奧地利

The Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation is a bit of a tongue twister, which is why most people call this Vienna landmark mumok. Eye-catching from the outside - you can’t miss the towering bluestone facade - inside lies more than enough modern art to challenge your sensibilities, and open your mind. Skip the line and enter the world of mumok.Stroll around this iconic building any time of year and you can practically feel yourself becoming more cultured. Explore thousands of works by 1,600 artists, from classical modernism to the avant-gardes of the 60s and 70s. At the mumok you can peruse paintings, photography, video and film, plus sculpture, installations and other contemporary works by Austrian and international artists. Add in the frequently changing exhibitions and you've got a full-day of weird, wild and wonderful works of art to enjoy. Current temporary exhibitions are:This exhibition (until October 9, 2016) is an intriguing look at how we as humans are being changed by virtual reality and other developing technologies. Curator Rainer Fuchs has transformed the space into an incubator, where you can witness future beings in hybrid form.Until November 06, 2016. With over 200 pieces by 100 artists, this is a fascinating look back at the birth of the information age. Learn how painting has blended with technology in the last 50 years.Until 5 March 2017. See the works of Viktor Matejka and Werner Hofmann, two men who were major influences on the postwar Vienna art scene.