History, Language & Culture South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

历史语言和文化 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Under the assumptions, the island of South Georgia wasIt was opened in 1675 by a merchant named Anthony de la Rocher. He sailed from Chile to Brazil and on the way got into a violent storm, which threw him far to the east. The team was able to hide in the bay of an unknown island, thus becoming the pioneers. The land was named after Roche. Only 100 years later, in 1775, during his second trip, the famous James Cook came across this patch of land. He described the island and put it on the map. Further, following the British laws, the seafarer declared him the territory of Great Britain and gave him the name in honor of King George. Then James Cook examined and Sandwichislands, opening several small islands and calling them Sandwich Land, but a more detailed description of them appeared in 1819. Then the expedition of Lazarev-Bellingshausen discovered six more small areas of land. So the Atlantic Ocean on the world map was replenished with another archipelago. Changes in its status occurred already at the beginning of the 20th century. The Sandwich Islands began to belong to Britain since 1908.

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