History, Language & Culture 意大利

历史语言和文化 意大利

Religion Most people in Italy respected the Christian denominations, Roman Catholics, Italians, and 87.8% are Roman Catholic, de facto although only about one-third that reason in the Christian (36.8%) are Catholic , Eastern. Orthodox It has more than 700,000 worshipers, including 180,000 Greek Orthodox and 550,000 reverence for Pentecostal and Evangelical (0.8%). Embraced the Assembly's Members , with about 400,000 people, Jehovah's Witnesses 235 685 people (0.4%) sect Walden Chien 30,000 Seventh South - day Adventist Post.There are about 22,000 sects of Mormon 22,000 Baptists 15,000 Lutheranism 7,000 people and Methodist 4,000 people The religious minorities is the oldest Judaism there. It has 45,000 people. Italy has little spread of non-Christian religious groups. For example, the immigration of populations from other parts of the world has resulted in Italy having approximately 825,000 Muslims (1.4% of the entire population), but only 50,000 Italian citizens. Italy also has 50,000 Buddhists. People With Buddhism, the Italian government recognized the status of the Italian Association of Buddhists on 20 March 2000, and there are important Thai temples, Wat Santhachittaram It is 52 kilometers from Rome, 70,000 Sikhs , and 70,000 Hindus. And Italian ( Italian : italiano or lingua italiana; English : Italian ) is a Romance language. , For the most part, Italian is the closest language to Latin among Romance languages, Italian is the official language in Italy , Switzerland , San Marino , Vatican City. And Western Istria (in Slovenia and Croatia ), used to have the status of the official language of Albania , Malta and Monaco, where they are spoken widely, including the former colonialItaly's East Africa and Italy's North Africa Italian is spoken by large groups of Italian immigrants in America and Australia , and has status as the official language of minorities in the United States. Bosnia and Herzegovina , Slovenia , Croatia and Romania.

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