History, Language & Culture 克罗地亚

历史语言和文化 克罗地亚

The area now known as Croatia has existed since prehistoric times. Neanderthal fossils of the Paleolithic period were unearthed in the site of the most famous and most well-represented city in Crapina in northern Croatia. Numerous remnants of neolithic and calcolithic cultures have been found in every part of the country. The largest proportion of Krapina is the river valley of northern Croatia. And the important cultures that were discovered in the area were the Star, Chevo, Vuchedol and Baden cultures. Later, during the Iron Age there were traces of Hallstatt, Illiria and Celtic culture.


Croatian language.


The rich culture of Croatia is a mix of past traditions seasoned with remnants of the earlier Greek, Roman and Bronze Age civilizations. Expressed in early times in music, dance, art and Catholicism’s magnificent architecture, its visual elements were also influenced by the Venetian Renaissance period.

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