Croatia Zagreb Dubrovnik 8 Days 5 Nights TATHR6583

Croatia Zagreb Dubrovnik 8 Days 5 Nights TATHR6583

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Croatia Zagreb Dubrovnik 8 Days 5 Nights TATHR6583

 杜布罗夫尼克-内雷特瓦县, 克罗地亚
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Suvarnabhumi-Doha Airport (Qatar) -
Doha (Qatar) - Zagreb (Croatia) - Opatia - Korenica Hotel Macola or equivalent.
Korenica - Plitvice-Zadar Park Hotel Porto or equivalent.
Zadar-Split-Dubrovnik Hotel Adria Dubrovnik accommodation or equivalent level.
Dubrovnik - Trogir - Dubopolis Hotel Katarina or a similar level.
Duopolis - Sibenik - Zagreb Hotel Aristos or equivalent.
Zagreb - Shopping Designer Outlet Croatia-Zagreb-Istanbul -
Istanbul-Suvarnabhumi -
  • Suvarnabhumi-Doha Airport (Qatar)
    17.30 hrs. Meet at the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Gate no. 8, Counter P, Qatar Airways. Staff are ready to welcome and assist with documents and luggage.
    20.10 hrs. Depart for Doha. Qatar Airways by Qatar Airways flights QR839
    In the case that some of you travel from foreign countries or provinces, please check the itinerary of each itinerary before booking your private ticket. Since the tour program is a series program and has been conducted several months in advance When changing seasons Travel time may vary slightly.
    23.59 Arrival at the airport. Doha Airport Qatar In order to stop to change the machine (Doha time is 4 hours slower than Thailand)
  • Doha (Qatar) - Zagreb (Croatia) - Opatia - Korenica
    02.15 hrs. Departure to Zagreb by Qatar Airways Airways QR215.
    06.15 hrs. Arrive at Zagreb Croatia After completing the immigration and baggage examination process Take you to Opatija in Istria. The tourist city is located on the west side by the Adriatic Sea. With Austrian holiday houses lined up along the coast (Travel time is approximately 3 hours)
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to visit Opia. That is full of charm of a coastal house Stop to take a picture with the young woman with the seagull. Maiden with the Seagull is a beautiful young lady with seagulls attached to her hands. Then it is time to travel to Korenica, Korenica, a small town for the holiday in Croatia. Located in the southern part of the country before traveling to Pritzvis National Park. (Travel time is approximately 3.30 hours). In the event that the accommodation in the said city is full, accommodation will be arranged. In the vicinity of the city and the same level of accommodation is provided for the convenience of travel is a key priority.
    Dinner dinner At the hotel
    Then take you to the Hotel Macola or equivalent.
  • Korenica - Plitvice-Zadar Park
    Morning, eat at the hotel.
    Then take you to Plitvice National Park or the National Park Plitvice Lakes, the beautiful national park of Croatia. And is one of Croatia's oldest and largest parks. (Travel time is approximately 1.45 hours) Plattice National Park has an area of ​​nearly 300 square kilometers. There is a famous and beautiful reputation with abundant nature and the surrounding lake. With water, emerald green and blue combined up to 16 places. In addition, Plattice Park is famous for its beautiful scenery at the top. Of the world with the bright colors of the leaves in autumn, whether green, orange, red, yellow, and especially when reflected on the lake surface, then the most beautiful Plattice Park has also been designated an important natural world heritage site in 1979 and is considered an important conservation area of ​​Croatia. Take you to ride the Panoramic Train for the full view of the park. From then, bring you Cruise the beautiful view of Lake Jezero Kozjak, the largest lake in the park. It is also a lake that connects the lower part of the park to the upper level of the park. Allowing you to enjoy the beautiful nature and the magnificence of the lake in the park.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to Zadar, Zadar, one of Croatia's ancient cities, next to the Adriatic Sea. Around the city we will see old buildings from the Roman period. Whether it is a Roman Forum Temples and churches From then, admire Zadar's old town. (Takes about 2 hours to travel) then bring you to visit St. Donat Church, St.Donat Church, located in the same area as the Roman Forum It is the largest Byzantine church and was built in the 9th century, with a circular roof. Used for religious ceremonies Now it has become another symbol of Zadar. Take you to stop to take a picture with St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, also known as Cathedral of Zadar An elegant white church with Romanesque art. This church dates back to the 12th-13th century and is the largest church in the region. And then another prominent church that is close by is the St. Mary’s Church, St. Mary’s Church. Compared to other buildings But St. Mary's Church is precious in terms of history With over 900 years of age and the interior of the church is decorated in a Baroque style that is as beautiful as other churches.
    Dinner dinner At the hotel
    Then take you to the Hotel Porto or equivalent.
  • Zadar-Split-Dubrovnik
    Morning, eat at the hotel.
    Take you to Split, the second largest city in Croatia, one of the wealthiest seaside cities with beautiful views. With the old town and cultural center since that ancient time Made Split as one of the important world heritage sites in 1979, and the city is also famous for Dalmatian dogs. (Takes about 3 hours to travel). Take you to see the beautiful old city, consisting of the Renaissance style city hall built in the 15th century. Various old houses take a look at the People Square, business and administrative center.
    Lunch. Have lunch at a local restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to the Diocletian Palace, built on the will of the Roman Emperor Diocletian. In the beginning of the 4th century, who wanted to build a palace for the end of his life Inside the palace consists of Jupiter Cathedral, famous Catacombes cemeteries and temples Take a look at the central hall, which has a corridor that connects to other rooms. View the Peristyle courtyard, which is surrounded by 3 granite pillars and connected by arches, pillars decorated with exquisite floral bouquets. See the temple bells, pedestals. Worship of St. Dominus and St. Stadius Which is inside the temple And the UNESCO World Heritage Site Then take you to Dubrovnik Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful old cities in Europe. Until receiving the nickname "The pearly pearl of the sea" (travel time is approximately 4.30 hours)
    Take you to the Hotel Adria Dubrovnik accommodation or equivalent level.
    Dinner dinner At the hotel Then allow you to rest at your leisure.
  • Dubrovnik - Trogir - Dubopolis
    Morning, eat at the hotel.
    Bring you to see the city of Dubrovnik. The center of the ancient port city. That became a famous tourist city of Croatia. Whether the city is very beautiful, charming and the sea view Take you to see the charm of the old town. Which UNESCO has registered as Dubrovnik as a World Heritage City Take you to the cable car station. To bring you to the basket See the view from a high angle surrounded by clear blue water, like the reflection of Christ, surrounded the old city. With the beauty of the white houses Thatched roof Which is a unique image of the city of Dubrovnik (The gondola access depends on the weather conditions If unable to get on the cable car The company changed to another tourist attraction instead. Or refund the cable fare fee of 10 euros per person) and then take you to see the old town, which has an ancient fortress around 190 meters long, is considered a symbol of the city that is comparable to the famous Grand Canyon of America or The Grand Canal of Venice You walk through the Pile Gate with a statue of St. Blaise. City saint And another landmark of the city, Onofrio’s Fountain. The large fountain in the middle of the city was built in 1430 as one of the city's water distribution pipelines. Then take you to stop to take a picture with Sponza Palace Sponza Palace, an old palace more than 500 years, combining Gothic and Renaissance art. It is currently a government place. Keep more than 100,000 old documents and the adjoining place is another Rector’s Palace The former palace was the residence of the nobility and resembled a city hall. It is also an armory and a prison. This palace combines art from many eras, but it fits perfectly and beautifully. And take you to the Stradan area The main road is over 398 meters long, on both sides of the road, surrounded by Romanesque and gothic buildings and filled with shops, cafes, ice cream shops and many souvenir shops. For the convenience of walking and buying independent products, having lunch at your leisure.
    Afternoon take you to the city of Trogir Trogir, a small island that was a cradle of ancient Greek civilization since 380 BC. Which was later ruled by Tragurium, Tragurium, and the Roman, where the ruins and buildings of the old city Well preserved Is a square, a city wall, and a fortress Until receiving praise from the UNESCO Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 (takes approximately 4.30 hours) to walk in the old city, which has architecture in ancient Greek-Roman style, such as the restored gates. New in the 16th century, the clock tower that was built in the 14th century. See the St. Laurence Cathedral, which was built in the 12th century, the construction took decades. Which is magnificent with carved stone frames and doors with lion statues of Adam & Eve and important saint statues From then, take you on a journey until Dugopolie Dugopolie is a city that is being developed by the Croatian government. Located not far from Trogia and Split, between Zagreb and Dubrovnik
    (Takes about 40 minutes to travel)
    Then take you to the Hotel Katarina or a similar level.
    Dinner. Dinner at the hotel. Then allow you to rest at your leisure.
  • Duopolis - Sibenik - Zagreb
    Morning, eat at the hotel.
    Take you to Sibenik, Sebinik, an old world heritage city, the mouth of the Adriatic Sea. (Takes about 1 hour to travel). Sightseeing at Sibenik's Old Town Square surrounded by old buildings that have been cut into pharmacies, glasses shops, boutiques and more. Different from the typical coastal Adriatic coast, because built by the Greeks Before Roman influence Subsequent to the colonization of Venetian or Venice today, many architectures throughout the city are still seen in the Venetian style. Take you to take pictures outside with the St. James Cathedral or St. Jakob Cathedral. Another world heritage site of Croatia. Located in Sibenik on the Dalmatian coast Which is a construction architecture in a mixture of art in northern Italy Dalmatian and Tuscany Because it uses 3 architects to design and have different expertise It was completed in 1535 with a structure made of pure white limestone. There is no other material adulterated. Inside is the statue of St. James or Jacob in Croat, which is 1 of the 12 disciples of Jesus.
    Lunch Lunch at a local restaurant with seafood dishes.
    Afternoon take you back to Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, the land of the Adriatic Sea. Which has an ancient history with a charm and magic Zagreb has been a city of culture and art since the 11th century. Today, Croatians live a typical European way of life. Transportation within the city of Zagreb is convenient. Popularly using trams as a vehicle throughout the city (takes about 5 hours)
    Dinner. Dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
    Then take you to the Hotel Aristos or equivalent.
  • Zagreb - Shopping Designer Outlet Croatia-Zagreb-Istanbul
    Morning, eat at the hotel.
    Take you to the city of Zagreb. To bring you to see the old city, Zagreb, which is both the capital city and the largest city of Croatia Located in the northwest of the country It is an ancient city since the Roman era before gradually Bigger and bigger Currently, the city is a tourist center of Croatia. With overflowing charm Head to the famous square in the old town. Take you to see the old town church of St. Catherine, St. Catherine, the impressive white baroque church. Jelacic Square Jelacic Square The center of the old city since the 17th century. The highlight of this square is the statue of Joseph Gelazic, seated on horseback, one of Croatia's prominent figures and is a town square surrounded by malls. Trendy shop It's time to take you to the new and largest outlet of Zagreb. (Takes about 30 minutes to travel) gives you the opportunity to shop at Designer Outlet Croatia, located not far from Zagreb. For you to buy products from the outlet, which brings products with various brands such as Adidas, Armani, Calvin Klein, Crocs, Converse, Esprit, Emporio, Gant, Guess, Lacoste, Lee, Moschino, Levi's, Nike. , New Balance, Nine West, Rebok, Ferragamo, Sisley, Skechers, Superdry, Timberland, Tod's, Under Amour, Wrangler, Tommy Hilfigure etc. (shopping from various stores Please inquire about the receipt and tax return from the store and inquire about the process of tax returns from the store in detail, as some stores may need to receive a tax refund directly from the store) for convenience in buying. Products or strolling shopping Free lunch at your own pace within the outlet
    12.00 hrs. It is appropriate to bring you to the city of Zagreb and allow you to do Tax Refund at the airport.
    16.05 hrs. Depart from Zagreb by Qatar Airways Airlines QR218.
  • Istanbul-Suvarnabhumi
    23.15 hrs. Arrive at Doha airport Qatar In order to stop by
    02.00 hrs. Departure from Doha on Qatar Airways Airlines QR834.
    12.30 hrs. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport Well-being ..
    In the case that some of you travel to other countries or provinces, please check the itinerary of each itinerary before booking your private ticket. Since the tour program is a series program and has been conducted several months in advance When changing seasons Travel time may vary slightly.

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