New Zealand Queenstown 6 Days 4 Nights TATNZ6121

New Zealand Queenstown 6 Days 4 Nights TATNZ6121

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New Zealand Queenstown 6 Days 4 Nights TATNZ6121

 奥塔哥, 新西兰
出行日期 :
27 十二 2023 到 04 一 2024
USD 2,628
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Bangkok-Sydney-Queenstown -
Sydney - Queenstown, city tour - take the cable car to the top of Bob's Peak MILLENNIUM QUEENSTOWN HOTEL or a similar hotel.
Queenstown - the ancient steamer to the Walter Peak Farm - Watch the bungee jump - Te Anau lake DISTINCTION LUXMORE HOTEL or a similar hotel.
Te Anau - Milford Sound - Wanaka Cruise EDGEWATER RESORT WANAKA accommodation or equivalent.
Omarama - Fresh Salmon on the Farm - Tempura Sauce - Apple Bantan - Krai Church QUALITY ELMS HOTEL or equivalent.
Krai Church - Sydney - Bangkok -
  • Bangkok-Sydney-Queenstown
    15.00 hrs. Traveling together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Entrance No. 6, Row N, Qantas Airways (QF) counter, staff welcomes and provides travel documents.
    18.00 hrs. Fly to Sydney via QF024 (to change flights) to New Zealand.
  • Sydney - Queenstown, city tour - take the cable car to the top of Bob's Peak
    07.30 hrs. Arrive at Ford Smith Airport, Sydney, Australia to change flights.
    09.30 hrs. Departure to Queenstown City New Zealand By Canton Airlines By flight to QF121
    14.35 hrs. To the Queenstown Airport. Southern island new zealand Take you on a tour of Queenstown, a small town hiding in the middle of beautiful nature by a lake with clear blue water, which tourists can't miss to visit. Travel to the shopping district in the heart of the beautiful Queenstown town on Lake Wakatipu. Take you to the gondola to the peak of Bobbs Peak. Is a cable car seat for 4 people at a distance of 730 meters to the top of the mountain, you can experience the beauty of Queens. The whole town, on a high angle, you can see the buildings that are built on the hillside with the beautiful Lake Wakatipu below. Watch the snow-capped mountains in winter.
    Dinner, special buffet + with a beautiful view of Queenstown
    Take you to MILLENNIUM QUEENSTOWN HOTEL or a similar hotel.
  • Queenstown - the ancient steamer to the Walter Peak Farm - Watch the bungee jump - Te Anau lake
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Queenstown City Another beautiful valley city on the South Island and take you on an ancient steamboat. The historic steam engine TSS Earnslaw 1912, more than 100 years old, has earned the nickname "Lady of the Lake" of Lake Wakatipu. Which is a ship that used to transport coal in the olden days You can see the beauty of Lake Wakatipu in a romantic atmosphere in the midst of mountains and clear water, with a close touch of nature to the Walter Peak Farm. Another address for the tele Sap Wakatupu
    Noon for a BBQ lunch in the Walter Peak Farm.
    Then you can experience the life and well-being of the rural people in New Zealand's sheep farm by Watch a show of a herding sheep dog, which helps to relax the owner Watch a demonstration of sheep shearing. After that he led you to travel to Queenstown City Free yourself at the shopping district in the heart of the city. Queenstown with shops Many restaurants and beverages Or to buy an off-road tour for a jet boat or JETBOAT, Optional tour. This speed boat is designed to run at speeds and rotates 360 degrees with skilled drivers. specially Providing all the boat seats with the most exciting and fun and unforgettable experience in this country. Watch the bungy jump at the Kawaroo Bridge (BUNGY JUMP, Optional tour). It is the first bungee jump in the world which allows tourists to do this exciting activity to be famous all over the world and is a must-see activity. When you come to New Zealand Jump from the bridge at a height of 43 meters into the clear and turbulent water under the bridge. (Taking a jet boat or bungee jumping as an off-tour tour Please contact the tour leader for prices. Will not be able to guarantee whether or not it will be made because it is not booked in advance, therefore it depends on the weather conditions Season or amount of booking each day, including the most suitable time or needs of the faculty For those who ride the same car, but who are not honest, this tour can take a walk, take pictures, buy souvenirs or drink at your leisure.) Take you to the beautiful city of Te Anau and is the largest lake of the South and Big Island. The second of New Zealand has an area of ​​344 square kilometers. The water surface is clear and cool and full of beautiful forests and high mountains.
    Take you to DISTINCTION LUXMORE HOTEL or a similar hotel.
    Dinner. Dinner in the hotel.
  • Te Anau - Milford Sound - Wanaka Cruise
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Depart to Milford Sound Via Te Anau Lake Which is the 2nd largest lake in the country entering the Milford Sound National Park. Pass the swamp forest, mixed deciduous forest, into the Milford Sound National Park (MILFORD SOUND) in the land of the fjord (FIORD LAND), which has been declared a World Heritage Site of Nature. Of the South Pole, which has only 2 places in this world, that is, the sea landscape that used to be an ancient glacier Scouring the rocks to flood the water instead of the deep bay. On the way, you will see the beauty created by nature. Lake MIRROR LAKE A clear glass lake. Is a lake where you can see the reflection of the mountains Which is the view below And allow you to drink pure mineral water from nature at MONKEY CREEK and visit the great waterfalls at CHASM
    Noon brings you a cruise on the MILFORD MONARCH CRUISE. See the beauty of the surrounding nature. Marvel at the towering waterfalls of Bowen Falls Which is 160 meters high from the cliff Watch seals and sunbathe on rocks.
    Ready to have lunch Buffet on board
    Travel to Lake Wanaka By looking at the beautiful scenery on a high mountain path through the vineyards that produce famous wines before entering the city of Wanaka With a high mountain on the other side of the lake that makes it a beautiful and pleasant city, the city of the South Island
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.
    Take you to EDGEWATER RESORT WANAKA accommodation or equivalent.
  • Omarama - Fresh Salmon on the Farm - Tempura Sauce - Apple Bantan - Krai Church
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you on a journey to High Country Salmon Farm with high quality and great taste. It is one of the most famous salmon farms in New Zealand. For you to taste fresh salmon Delicious or bought as souvenirs from home, it is very popular. Then take you on a journey through the viewing Lake Pukaki Which is as beautiful as a painting Stop by the viewpoint of Mount Cook National Park Southern Alps region The peak of Mount Cook has a height of 3,754 meters. The peak is covered with snow and glaciers all year round. Continue to Lake Tekapo Beautiful and tranquil. The lake water is bluish green, or some people call it a milky lake. This special color is created from minerals mixed with glaciers of the mountains that are covered with snow all year round, flowing down to the lake. Bring you to see the dog sheep monument. That the owner of the farm is very important because it helps the owner to herd the sheep on the vast farm And nearby, you can see the small church CHURCH OF GOOD SHEPHERD, the smallest church in New Zealand that is still used for religious ceremonies from past to present. If you go inside, look through the window, then you'll be impressed by the view of Lake Tekapo and the peaks that are as beautiful as paintings.
    Noon, have lunch Japanese food style
    Travel to Ashburton Canterbury is a city in the plains where most people are working as sheep and cow farms, so you can shop for local products such as skincare products, serums, lanolin creams or buy souvenirs. Such as sheep figurines From then, travel to the city of Krachurch.
    Dinner. Dinner. Chinese food at the restaurant.
    Take you to the QUALITY ELMS HOTEL or equivalent.
  • Krai Church - Sydney - Bangkok
    Take you to the airport of the city of Christchurch. International building
    06.15 hrs. Depart for Sydney, Australia (Stop to change flights) by Qantas Airlines, flight QF138 (inflight breakfast)
    07.45 hrs. Arrive at Sydney Airport Australia
    10.30 hrs. Travel to Bangkok by Qantas Airways QF023.
    16.10 hrs. Arrive in Bangkok ..... Bon Voyage…



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