Australia Highlight Melbourne 5 Days 3 Nights TATAU6650

Australia Highlight Melbourne 5 Days 3 Nights TATAU6650

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Australia Highlight Melbourne 5 Days 3 Nights TATAU6650

 维多利亚, 澳大利亚
出行日期 :
13 九 2022 到 17 九 2022
USD 1,546
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Bangkok - Melbourne -
Melbourne City View - Fitzroy Gardens - Through Parliament House View MELBOURNE MERCURE WELCOME or equivalent.
Great Ocean Road - Port Campbell - Twelve Apostles - Melbourne MELBOURNE MERCURE WELCOME or equivalent.
Melbourne - Ancient Steam Train - Native Zoo - Penguins on Phillip Island MELBOURNE MERCURE WELCOME or equivalent.
Melbourne City - Independent Shopping - Melbourne Airport -
  • Bangkok - Melbourne
    21.00 hrs. Traveling together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Entrance No. 2, Row D, Thai Airways (TG) counters, staff welcomes and provides travel documents.
  • Melbourne City View - Fitzroy Gardens - Through Parliament House View
    00.15 hrs. Depart for Melbourne Australia by Thai Airways Flight TG 465
    12.05 hrs. To Melbourne Australia After passing the immigration formalities
    Take you to see Melbourne, a city that is exciting by combining both old and new together. Is the capital city located on the banks of the Yarra River. There is a waterfront park The architecture of the Gold Rush in the middle of the 18th century mixed with skyscrapers in modern times, resulting in a unique city landscape. There is a river in the heart of Melbourne's charming city. Afterwards, admire the Fitzroy Park, a large park full of flowers, home to the Captain Cook's cottage. (Not including entrance fees in the hut) the home of an important British explorer Who discovered the continent of Australia and the Antarctic This hut has been moved to celebrate Melbourne's 100th anniversary. See Federation Square, a bustling area of ​​Melbourne at the end of the Yarra River across the street from Flinders Street Station. Is the center of galleries, cinemas, restaurants, award-winning restaurants There are cafes and bars. There is an open courtyard for events, fairs and exhibitions surrounded by some of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the world. There are many restaurants of all styles. Visit the Shrine of remembrance, the largest war memorial in Australia. Located in the King domain area on St. Quda Road This place was created by the Australian Government in remembrance of men and women who served and sacrificed in World War I while at the Battle of Gallipoli in Turkey. At this battlefield, it was born "Anzac" (25 April). Today, Australians held a memorial to over 114,000 servants and 19,000 dead, bringing poppies. Dang came to show respect at this place, which will be held every year. Designed and constructed by a former veteran architect In World War I, "Phillips Hudson" and "James Ward Rob" are based on classic art, inspired by Mausoleum of Halikanas And the Cathedral of Athens The top of the roof above the Sigma-shaped roof is derived from the "Choragic monument of lysicrates" in Athens. The materials used in the construction of the memorial are all in Australia, including granite, the main structure of the building and marble used for interior decoration. This landmark was built after the First World War in November 1918 and completed in March 1922 while also commemorating the sacrifice of World War II. See the Parliament House Melbourne building, built from December 1855 until 1929. Designed by "Charlie Passley and Peter Kerr", constructed by "" Jon King "which uses basic Neoclassical Art Located on the East Spring Road of Melbourne in Victoria. This place was once used as both the Parliament of Victoria in 1855-1901 and 1927-present. It was also used as the central parliament building in Australia between 1901-1927. This place has been listed as an important heritage site in Victoria. And celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2006, passing through St. Patrick's Cathedral (St.Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne) is the largest Roman Catholic cathedral in Victoria by James Goold, the first bishop of Melbourne. Later, becoming the 4th Australian bishop, William Wardell, an important priest and architect of the city, designed and supervised the construction of all Gothic art during the 14th century, based on basilica. Central in England The planning and construction began on December 8, 1858-1939, and underwent major renovations in 1994 in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary in the next three years.
    Dinner. Dinner. Chinese food at the restaurant.
    Bring you to stay at the MELBOURNE MERCURE WELCOME or equivalent.
  • Great Ocean Road - Port Campbell - Twelve Apostles - Melbourne
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    Take you to travel from Melbourne along the route. Great Ocean Road full line Beautiful and known for tourists that can not miss if coming to Victoria. Via Geelong, Victoria's industrial city After that he led you into the Great Ocean Road. For you to see beautiful views of the coast, oceans and beaches Follow one of Australia's picturesque trails, passing through the town of Anglesea and the lush city of Lorne, with beautiful and calm seas before entering Apollo Bay, another popular tourist destination for beautiful cities and blue waters intersecting with forests. The greenery makes this city charming. In addition, on the way through the Koala, which is found on the natural eucalyptus tree.
    Noon, have western style lunch.
    From then, travel to Port cambell Experience the most beautiful scenery in the world. You will be stunned by the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean. And the unique landscape anywhere in the world, you can see the natural phenomenon of the Twelve Apostles stone, named after 12 saints or twelve holy followers of Christianity. Which is considered a natural wonder that should not be missed (Recommend to buy more tours by helicopter Allowing you to see the beauty in a high angle that guarantees that you will be impressed. Prices starting at around 145 Australian dollars. For those who are interested, please contact the tour leader) and then take you to Melbourne.
    Dinner. Dinner at a Thai restaurant.
    Bring you to stay at the MELBOURNE MERCURE WELCOME or equivalent.
  • Melbourne - Ancient Steam Train - Native Zoo - Penguins on Phillip Island
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    From there, go to the Dundes-area that is still a forest of abundant eucalyptus. Travel to the PUFFING BILLY STEAM TRAIN, which used to be a route between cities. And freight services opened in the year 1900. It is an old train line that runs short distances Nowadays, it has been modified to be used in forest tourism.
    Take you to ride an ancient steam train To see the beautiful scenery along the hill along the train track, and you can also sit, relax, leg and enjoy the view along the way, full of valleys and forests that are still perfect
    Noon, have a buffet lunch.
    Take you to MARU KOALA & ANIMAL PARK Native Zoo Enjoy the nature and the cuteness of various native animals such as koalas, kangaroos, wombats for you to experience and take pictures with the little koalas up close. Have fun feeding kangaroos from your own hands. Take you to the Phillip Island Nature Reserve, a small island full of native animals that preserve both wildlife and wildlife and maintain their natural habitat at There are sandy beaches and small bushes that are home to little penguins, seals and various birds.
    Dinner. Dinner at a half-lobster restaurant. Served with great wine
    Bring you to PHILLIP ISLAND NATURE PARK. Experience the impressive experience of watching the cuteness of A small group of penguins in the world that gather together in a large group on the SUMMERLAND BEACH beach in a beautiful setting at sunset, where you can see a small group of penguins flocking to the parade to return to their nests with food in their mouths. To leave the baby that is waiting in the nest All the penguins will make a call to the baby and walk you to see the cuteness closely. These little penguins will go out to look for food in the morning and will come again at sunset. (Do not take pictures of penguins Because it is disturbing or may frighten the penguins) then take you back to Melbourne
    Bring you to stay at the MELBOURNE MERCURE WELCOME or equivalent.
  • Melbourne City - Independent Shopping - Melbourne Airport
    Morning Have breakfast in the hotel.
    10.00 hrs. Please bring the bag down to check out. And can leave luggage at the hotel
    Free as you like Or go shopping for local products in Chinatown or shop for many branded products in the downtown area, which has old houses built in the 19th century with Chinese and Asians atmosphere, or shopping Famous department stores such as David Joey, Myer Mall in Swanston Street and Elizabeth Street which are full of fashion stores for men and women. (Lunch and dinner at your leisure)
    11:30 am schedule an appointment at the hotel and pick up your luggage Then take you on a journey to Melbourne City Airport to return
    15.15 hrs. Fly to Bangkok by Thai Airways Flight TG462
    21.45 hrs. Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport by Sawasdap

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