Dubai Grand Mosque 5 Days 3 Nights TATAE6603

Dubai Grand Mosque 5 Days 3 Nights TATAE6603

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Dubai Grand Mosque 5 Days 3 Nights TATAE6603

 杜拜, 阿拉伯联合酋长国
出行日期 :
03 五 2023 到 07 五 2023
USD 1,638
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  • 日期
    Bangkok-Dubai- The Palm Tower THE Plam TOWER –MONORAIL TO ATLANTIS
    06.30 a.m. The group travels together at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Departure Hall, Gate 8, Counter T, by Emirates (EK) Airlines. Waiting to welcome and facilitate documents and luggage.
    09.55 a.m. Take off to Dubai by EMIRATES Airlines Flight EK375 AIRBUS A380
    (Food service on board, flight time 6.10 hours)
    01.00 p.m. Arrive at Dubai International Airport After completing the immigration formalities, bring everyone to Dubai.
    Leading you to The Palm Tower THE PLAM TOWER (to get to the 52nd floor observatory in just 3 minutes at THE VIEW AT THE PLM) presents a 360-degree view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah. the beauty of the landscape and the surrounding atmosphere of THE PALM ISLAND, a wonderful project invented for future living Created by bringing sand to fill the sea into small islands, including 301 islands, the shape if viewed from the top of the palm tree (The Palm) and The World project will see a world map. Inside, there is a large aquarium to see and a rooftop where you can take photos of the great Dubai Skyline in the background.
    Take you on the MONORAIL train > travel to The Palm THE PALM project, which is a magnificent project. Best Project by Reclaiming the Sea To be an artificial island, built in the shape of palm trees, 3 islands on the island have accommodation, hotels, resorts, apartments, shops, restaurants, as well as offices. It is regarded as the 8th wonder of the world.
    In the evening, have dinner at SIZZING WOK RESTAURANT.
    Take you to the hotel HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS 4 stars or equivalent.
  • 日期
    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Abu Dhabi, which is 180 kilometers from the city of Dubai (about 2 hours) **** Remark: Please dress modestly, leave the hotel to enter Shik Zayed Mosque ****
    Woman : Please put on a headscarf. Wear long sleeves and long pants. Do not wear leggings or tights.
    Male: Long-sleeved shirt, long-sleeved dress.
    Take you to see GRAND MOSQUE or SHEIKH ZAYED BIN SULTAN AL ANHYAN and it is the mosque of the city. of the Sheikh who founded the United Arab Emirates that he built before he died. In total over 10 years of construction, the mosque has the largest carpet in the world measuring 5,627 square meters and the world's largest chandelier. Imported from Germany, made of gold and copper. It can accommodate up to 40,000 religious worshipers. In addition, the mosque is the royal tomb where the remains of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, former first president of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of the United Arab Emirates are buried. Budaby
    Stop for a photo stop at the Etihad Tower, the main landmark of Abu Dhabi. With the Etihad Tower group, the unusual architecture looks futuristic, which inside is a source of 5-star entertainment. And the building was also used as a filming location for the world famous movie Fast and Furious 7, a collection of skyscrapers that become the world's most memorable when talking about the Arab Emirates. It is considered one of Abu Dhabi's most successful architecture. With the shape of the building that looks modern, unique, whether it's the blue exterior of the building that blends in perfectly with the city's sky. Eye-catching sleek architecture The main building will have a total of 3 buildings, the middle building is 305.3 meters high and the buildings flanking on both sides are 260.3 meters high and 217.5 meters. Take you to capture impressive photos with EMIRATE PALACE, a hotel of the Abu government. dhabi Managed by the Kempinski Group, it opened for the first time in 2005 with a total construction budget of approximately $3 billion. which was built as beautiful as the palace of the ruler This hotel is on the grounds of former President Shieak Al Anyan, who served as President of the U.A.E. Take you to see HERITAGE VILLAGE, a traditional village modeling the way of life of Bedouin people. who used to wander in the desert Give you the freedom to take photos and buy souvenirs from the village.
    At noon, have lunch at a restaurant.
    Take you to FERRARI WORLD (not including entrance fee, about 2,400 baht per person) and have time for you to shop for Ferrari brand souvenirs. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the most indoor amusement park on Yas Island. in abu dhabi, united arab emirates It is Ferrari's first theme park and has the history of the largest space frame structure ever built. There is also the Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world. Then take everyone back to Dubai takes approximately 2 hours.
    Take you to see JUMIRAH BEACH, a beautiful beach resort popular in Dubai. Stop for photos at Jumeirah Beach overlooking Ein Dubai (AIN DUBAI WHEELS) is the latest landmark to join the list of attractions. Breaking Dubai's world record It is the largest and tallest Ferris wheel in the world. Located on Bluewater Island near the Dubai Marina in Dubai, it stands 250 meters tall with its wheels 126 meters long, long enough to accommodate 15 London buses. while the weight of the assembled center and spindle is comparable to that of four A380s.
    In the evening, have dinner at CHINESE RESTAURANT.
    Take you to the hotel HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS 4 stars or equivalent.
  • 日期
    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    bring you all into A museum of the future that can be defined by the present, THE MUSEUM OF THE FUTURE was officially launched on February 22, 2022. It acts like a giant spaceship that will take everyone through time to the future in 2071. Under the key idea that that “The future belongs to those who can imagine, design and achieve it. It's not something you're looking forward to. But you will have to build it. The Museum of the Future's design concept encapsulates many deep connotations. whether it is a green hill It represents a world that is strong, durable, and rooted in place, time, and history. The futuristic circular building is plastered with beautiful patterns. is the representative of humanity reflecting the passion for art and creative design that blends in with the environment while the oval gap in the middle of the building a symbol of innovation Empty spaces are like an open future. Waiting for everyone to come together and write. Then take you on an ABRA TAXI boat. Experience the cultural charm through the way of life on both sides of the CREEK River, crossing to the Gold Market and the Spice Market. You can buy inexpensive souvenirs such as nuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, pistachios and dates from various countries in the Middle East. Leading you to shopping. Gold Market is the 1st place of the world's largest gold market, selling everything that is JEWELRY, such as pearls, gems, and hundreds of small shops for you to choose from. The Spice Market is an entire spice market bursting with aromas of various spices from all over the world, including myrrh, cinnamon, nuts, cardamom, cloves, and a hundred and eight nuts from anywhere in the Middle East.
    At noon, have lunch at WISK KWAI RESTAURANT.
    Then bring you back to your hotel to prepare for the afternoon desert adventure.
    3:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. together at the lobby There will be an officer waiting to pick you up to camp / dabble in the desert. This service is facilitated by pick-up and drop-off to the hotel.
    Desert Tour 4x4 Land Cruiser Wander through the vast desert in the evening You'll enjoy a dune buggy ride up the largest sand dunes and descend as you enjoy the sand waves that spread in all directions. Ready to watch the sunset, go camping in the middle of the desert Inside there are various activities for everyone to enjoy such as
    - Henna Tattoo (experimental the art of painting traditional Arabian motifs)
    - SHI SHA. Arabic style, fruity scent)
    - GALA BAYA... Let you dress like an Arab Take a photo to keep as a souvenir
    - Free unlimited Arabic tea, seasonal fruits, coffee, soft drinks, drinking water
    - camel riding
    In the evening, have dinner at the BBQ camp. in the midst of a comfortable desert atmosphere with a belly dance show from a beautiful Arab girl in the middle of the desert
    10.00 p.m. Return to the hotel Take you to the hotel HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS 4 stars or equivalent.
  • 日期
    In the morning, have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to see JUMEIRAH BEACH, which is a beautiful beach resort popular in Dubai.
    Then take a photo with the hotel. Burj Al Arab Building BURJ AL ARAB, the most beautiful and luxurious 7-star hotel. one of the world and famous of the Middle East that everyone dreams of having the opportunity to experience Located along the Arabian Gulf The residence of the rich Arab Burj Al Arab, one of the most important symbols of the United Arab Emirates, Burj Al Arab is now the most beautiful and luxurious sailing hotel in the world. Standing 321 meters or 1,050 feet tall, it sits on an artificial reclaimed island 280 meters from Jumeirah Beach on the Persian Gulf that everyone dreams of having the opportunity to experience. An Arab millionaire, the building's construction began in 1994 and was completed and opened for the first time on December 1, 1999. The building's shape was made to resemble the sails of an Arabian sailboat. The building has two columns separated into a V shape while the gap between the V is partially closed to form a large room. and divided into layers The architect said “This building will be a symbol of Dubai as it is. Sydney's iconic Opera House or the iconic Eiffel Tower of Paris and the Burj Al Tower. Arabs want to become a symbol of Dubai, United Arab Emirates as well." Then take you to Medinat Jumeirah Souk, an ancient Arab-shaped shopping center located on the seafront, known as the Venice of Dubai is an air-conditioned market Located in the same part as the 5-star luxury hotel Mina Al Salam of the Al Maktoum family, it is designed and decorated in classic Arabic indigenous art. Inside, there are many premium products such as souvenirs, key chains, sand bottles, Iranian carpets, perfume heads, lamps, home decorations, sweets and chocolate nuts, etc. Stop by for you to take photos. One of the prides of Dubai And now this Dubai frame is considered the largest frame in the world as well. The tower consists of a 150 meter tall vertical tower connected by a 100 square meter bridge, making it the ultimate place to view the beautiful Dubai skyline. It's also a great place to take photos for social media.
    At noon, have lunch at CHINESE RESTAURANT.
    Take you up to see the Burj Khalifa Building, BURJ KHALIFA (THE TALLEST TOWER IN THE WORLD), formerly known as Burj Dubai, one of the important symbols of the United Arab Emirates. It is also an important death scene of the hero "Tom Cruise" from the movie Mission Impossible 4, which the building is 828 meters high, currently has a total of 160. The floor is known as the tallest building in the world. The building holds the record for being the tallest skyscraper in the world with a height of 546. The meter overtakes the Taipei 101 building. Completed (about 97 meters taller than Taipei 101 and about 218 meters taller than Baiyoke Tower 2), which was officially opened on January 4, 2010 and the building's name was changed from "Burjdu Bai" is "Burj Khalifa" in honor of Sheikh, former President of the United Arab Emirates Burj Khalifa Building designed by SOM Same designer as Sears Tower. The tallest building in the United States today, the interior will be decorated by Giorgio Armani. Giorgio Armani is the Armani Hotel for 37 years. The ground floor, with floors 45 to 108, will be apartments, the rest will be offices, and floors 123 and 124 will be the observation decks of important buildings. The upper part of the building will be a communication antenna. In addition, the 78th floor will have a swimming pool. The large outdoor facility will be equipped with the world's fastest elevator at 18 m/s (65 km/h, 40 m/h). Taipei 101 with a speed of 16.83 m/s, free shopping. Dubai Mall It is Dubai's newest shopping center. by replicas such as Gallaria Lafayette, a famous French department store, Bloomingdales The great from America is the center of leading brands from all over the world. You can choose to see the state-of-the-art technology of the world's largest dancing fountain on display at the grounds. In front of the Dubai Mall, starting from 5:30 PM. to 24:00 PM, with the show starting every 30 minutes. From here, you can take a picture with Burj Khalifa Building. The full body of the building as well.
    In the evening, have dinner at CHINESE RESTAURANT.
    It's time to take you to Dubai Airport to travel back to Bangkok.
  • 日期
    Dubai DUBAI – Suvarnabhumi Airport BKK
    02.50 a.m. Fly to Suvarnabhumi Airport by EMIRATES Airlines Flight EK384 (Food service on board, flight time 6.40 hours)
    12:30 p.m. The delegation arrives. Suvarnabhumi Airport by safety and impression
Meals And Accommodation
HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS or equivalent.
HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS or equivalent.
HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS or equivalent.
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  • Travelers must be fully vaccinated or have documentation showing their COVID-19 test results.

  • Economy class round-trip airfare by Emirates EMIRATES (EK) 1 piece of luggage per person weighing no more than 30 kg. per piece / hand carry weight Must not exceed 7 kg. 1 ticket (in case of traveling with a group ticket If the ticket is issued, it is non-refundable and cannot change the travel date. )

  • Accommodation for 2 persons per room is TWIN ROOM or TRP ROOM in the hotel specified in the list or the same level, a total of 3 nights.

  • Transportation and transportation costs throughout the trip with an experienced driver

  • All meals as specified in the itinerary

  • Visa fees to enter the United States Arab Emirates

  • Tickets for all attractions and performances mentioned in the itinerary

  • Tour guide fees by local guides and experienced tour leaders

  • 1 bottle of drinking water during the trip per person/day

  • Travel accident insurance in the amount of 1,000,000 baht and medical expenses 500,000 baht.

  • Passport preparation fee

  • Various taxes such as 7% tax, 3% withholding tax, etc.

  • Other personal expenses such as telephone bills, laundry fees, mini-bars and special TV channels, etc. and that are not mentioned in the program

  • Baggage charges in the hotel which you must take care of your bags and belongings by yourself

  • Other personal expenses such as telephone calls, laundry, mini-bars and special TV channels, etc. that are not mentioned in the program.

  • Special food and beverage orders In addition to the list and drinking water other than those stated, 1 bottle per person / day

  • Tips for guides, drivers in the United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates) and tour leaders from Thailand (This is a normal rate according to international tourism principles)

  • Tips for guides, drivers in the United Arab Emirates and tour leaders from Thailand The total tip for the entire trip is 70 USD US Dollars (USD), excluding children over 2 years of age, except children under 2 years of age on the return date.

  • In case of cancellation after deposit The Company will charge actual expenses incurred at that date that are not refundable (for example, airfare, visa fee, room deposit, etc.)

  • In the case of cancellation after full payment The company reserves the right to refund all money in all cases.

  • In case of being sick and unable to travel Must have a medical certificate from a certified hospital The company will submit documents to the airline, hotel and in every service. To consider again. However, it may take time to process. which can not be informed that it can be refunded in whole or in part or not at all Because it depends on the consideration and decision of the airline. The hotel and every other service is important.

  • The company reserves the right to cancel the trip 15 days in advance in the event that a group of at least 15 people cannot be made, in which case the company Willing to refund all or arrange for another tour group if needed

  • The company reserves the right to change some details in this tour. When it is necessary to do so until it cannot be solved and will not be responsible for any in case of loss Loss or injuries that are beyond the responsibility of the tour leader and some force majeure events such as strikes, natural disasters, riots, etc.

  • The company is not responsible for damages in the event caused by the airline, natural disasters, revolution, and others beyond the control of the company or additional expenses incurred directly or indirectly, such as illness, injury, loss from the line. Flying when the flight is “delayed” or delayed? or force majeure or accidents

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  • Because this tour is a total package. If you waive any right to use any of the services listed or are denied entry into the country under any circumstances, the company reserves the right not to refund in all cases.

  • In the event that the traveler cannot Can enter and exit the city due to falsification or the prohibition of officials for any reason The company reserves the right to All tours are non-refundable.

  • If any customer Applying for a visa and not being approved Customers must pay the visa fee as charged by the Embassy.

  • In the event that the passenger wishes to use a blue (official) passport for traveling, the company reserves the right not to assume any responsibility in the event that you may be denied entry to the city. Because usually in travel, they use crimson colored books.

  • Long Leg seat requests are usually located at the emergency exit exits. And those who will sit must meet the qualifications specified by the airline, for example, they must be physically fit. and help others quickly in the event of a plane crash, such as being able to open the emergency door (The weight of the door is about 20 kg) is not a person with health and physical problems. And the authority to grant long leg seats depends on the airline check-in staff. only at the time of check-in

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