Singapore Infinite Happy 3 Days 2 Nights TATSG6526

Singapore Infinite Happy 3 Days 2 Nights TATSG6526

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Singapore Infinite Happy 3 Days 2 Nights TATSG6526

 新加坡, 新加坡
出行日期 :
27 六 2022 到 29 六 2022
USD 578
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日期 Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner 酒店
Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - Singapore (Sanghee Airport) (SQ973: 09.45-13.15) - GARDEN BY THE BAY - BUMBOAT Cruise 4-star GRAND PACIFIC HOTEL accommodations or equivalent.
Universal Studio of Singapore (U.S.S. card included) - Marina Bay Sands - Spectra Light & Water Show 4-star GRAND PACIFIC HOTEL accommodations or equivalent.
Old Parliament House - Merlion - Esplanade Theater - Fountain of Wealth - Chinatown - Guanyin Temple - Phra Fang Kaew Temple - Shopping at Orchard Road - Singapore (Sanghee Airport) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (SQ978: 18.45-20.15) -
  • Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) - Singapore (Sanghee Airport) (SQ973: 09.45-13.15) - GARDEN BY THE BAY - BUMBOAT Cruise
    07.00 hrs. Faculty at the same time at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Floor 4, Singapore Airlines Counter, Gate 5, Counter K, with staff waiting and welcoming.
    09.45 hrs. Depart to Singapore By Singapore Airlines Flight SQ973
    (Singapore Airlines offers hot food And beverages on board)
    13.15 hrs. Arrive at Sanghee Airport, Singapore (The local time is 1 hour ahead of Thailand. Please adjust the time to local time to facilitate the appointment.)
    Bringing you through the immigration and customs procedures. Baggage claim
    After that, bring everyone He traveled to The newest tourist attraction on Singapore Island. "Garden by the Bay" (GARDEN BY THE BAY) allows you to see the largest garden on the island of Singapore to admire the various plants and is the national center of continuous development of Marina Bay. Managed by the Singapore National Park Board. There is also a skywalk connected to the Super Tree (including the lift fee for the Super Tree) with tall pairs together. Is for visitors to see the garden from a 50-meter high angle. At the top of the Super tree can see the magnificent views of the bay and the surrounding gardens, and there is also a zone of domes. The garden is divided into two main houses. Which is divided by the temperature required by the tree as follows: Flower Dome (dry and cool bio) and Cloud Forest (dry and cool bio). There are also many themed gardens to walk in (not including admission to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest for $ 28, about 728 baht. )
    Take you on a "Bumboat" cruise (includes cruise fees). View the scenery on both sides of the river. And many iconic alarm structures in Singapore The melaleum threw the water-shaped Marina Bay Sands spinning raffle landing site, where SirThomas Stamford Raffles landed on Singapore's ground for the first time before turning from an ordinary island into a boat-free port. tax Which has become a major turning point for the country
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant (Chicken rice restaurant).
    The accommodation leads the group into 4-star GRAND PACIFIC HOTEL accommodations or equivalent.
  • Universal Studio of Singapore (U.S.S. card included) - Marina Bay Sands - Spectra Light & Water Show
    Morning Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to the "Universal Studio of Singapore". There are 7 zones. Open 10:00 - 18:00 hrs. (How many times you like). Universal Studios Singapore in the area of ​​49 acres in the island. Sentosa is surrounded by lush greenery. There are 1,800 resorts from a variety of 6-star luxury hotels. There is also a 24-hour casino located at the Crockford Tower Hotel. Su Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle BattlestarGalactica player and double-track roller coaster, the highest in the world of Far Far Away Castel Castle heroes. Shrek and the Princess Fiona Madagascar A Crate Adventure is an adventure boat ride to see animals. As if you were in the movie Madagascar Revenge of The Mummy. Digging for Pharaoh's treasure And search for the mysteries of the Water World mummy. See a stunt show From the famous movie, showing real light and real sound, you will be thrilled and unforgettable. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Dinosaur Land, Millions of Worlds, Hollywood Boulevard. Experience the Broadway Hollywood Theater. Off frame, the center of True entertainment of the universe There are more than 56 restaurants to choose from in a variety of styles. Both in Universal and in Festive Walk, New York Town, Food Court Center after independence. You can gamble in the casino. The first casino in Singapore uses a huge investment to attract tourists to visit the national grandeur that is legally licensed by the government. Free with games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, Hi-Lo, etc. (Note: According to Singapore law. Those entering the casino must present a passport and must not be under 21 years old. Dress in gentlemen, do not wear shorts. Ladies wearing polite suits And do not wear slippers) or freely shopping for many brand name products in Galaria. Including souvenirs after the fun is over You can stroll through the Festival Walk that is open 24 hours.
    (Free lunch For convenience in traveling) 
    Optional Tour Optional SEA Aquarium is the largest newly opened aquarium in the world with Marine Life Park (not including entrance fee 38 SGD) Ranked as the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. Designed to be an underwater tunnel capable of containing over 45 million liters of saltwater, including over 800 marine species, gathering over 100,000 aquatic creatures decorated with boat wreckage. The interior simulates the abundance of various seas around the world.
    In the event that you waive your rights to not enter Universal Studios Singapore, the company reserves the right to not refund any money at all 
    Time for the group at the appointed time
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Free yourself at "Marina Bay Sands", the largest luxury resort in Singapore. Comprised of more than 2,561 guest rooms and suites, the hotel also has a highlight: The Sands Sky Park, located on the 57th floor of the hotel (not including the value of $ 23, about 600 baht). 3 Sand Sky Park is considered the largest sky garden in the world. Spread over 12,400 square meters and is a sky garden with a height of 200 meters. The garden is beautifully decorated with 250 large trees and 650 ornamental plants. There are luxurious restaurants including The Sky. on 57 and there is also a "Marina Bay Sands Casino" located in a luxurious building opposite the hotel. Classified as a casino that is full of gambling games of all forms. In which tourists can enjoy a variety of games There are more than 600 gambling tables with more than 1,500 coin-operated gambling venues, such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and dice and coin vending machines. Inside there are still many retail shops and restaurants (Note: According to Singapore law. You will enter the casino. Must show passport and must not be under 21 years old. Dress in gentlemen, do not wear shorts. Ladies wearing polite suits And shoppers are not allowed to buy.) For shoppers, you can buy many famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Burberry, Cartier.
    Watch the "Spectra Light & Water Show" show. The light, sound and fountain show here is called Wonder Full - Light & Water Spectacular. This show will be on display at the Marina Bay Sands building. It is the greatest light and sound show. In Southeast Asia. Because he takes the time to design lights, IT systems, soundtracks and stories Held at the Promenade in front of the Marina Bay Sands, facing the Marina Bay
    The accommodation leads the group into 4-star GRAND PACIFIC HOTEL accommodations or equivalent.
  • Old Parliament House - Merlion - Esplanade Theater - Fountain of Wealth - Chinatown - Guanyin Temple - Phra Fang Kaew Temple - Shopping at Orchard Road - Singapore (Sanghee Airport) - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (SQ978: 18.45-20.15)
    Morning Breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    See the city of Singapore and listen to a history lecture from a local guide surrounded by Government House Supreme Court and City Hall, Elizabeth Walk Road Which is a viewpoint on the Singapore River through the "Old Parliament House", which in the past was the Parliament of Singapore Now is the focal point of art, music, dance, comedy shows. Take a picture with Merlion, the symbol of Singapore. With a half-lion and half-fish sculpture facing the Marina Bay There is a beautiful scenery with a scene in the back. "The Esplanade Theater" is characterized by a thorn-like architecture. Take a tour of Singapore's "Fountain of Wealth", located in the midst of the Suntec City building. China Means a new achievement The Suntech Building Group was built by a Hong Kong businessman. Which is considered the largest commercial project in the city Which Singaporeans believe that if walking around the fountain courtyard And experience the water, will find good luck and wealth throughout the year
    Take you to "Chinatown" is one of the most popular districts for both Singaporeans and foreigners. Is a large area in the center of the city Bustling and full of various small shops Which sells food, sweets, cafes, souvenirs and souvenirs Giving the atmosphere like being in China during the Shanghai godfather era Take you to travel "Guanyin Temple" is an ancient temple of Singapore's famous Chinese Buddhism. This temple has been built for over 100 years and is famous for its sacredness. It is believed that those who come to ask for blessings from the goddess of mercy in this temple already Will fulfill one's desire What you always wish for Especially work And study People therefore come to pay respect and pray intensely. From then, bring you to watch "Buddha Tooth Relic Temple" was built to enshrine the Buddha Tooth relic. Of the Lord Buddha This Buddhist temple was built. Architecture from the Tang Dynasty. Laying the foundation stone on March 1, 2005. The total construction cost is around 62 million Singaporean dollars (about 1,500 million baht). The ground floor is the main hall used for ordination. 4 is the enshrined Buddha image. (Do not take pictures) to pay respects to the Goddess of the Goddess of Mercy and near each other is the Wat Kaek which has fine decorative arts
    Take you to take a chic photo on "Hachen Lane" or locally known as Haji Alley, a small shopping street. Which is full of fashion products from shops and a place for Singaporean teenagers The specialty of this Haji Lane road is due to its reputation for its colorful paintings from various shops. Built in a 2-story colonial-style commercial building. Tourists like to walk and take photos of art, artistry and street art. The famous singer Stamp has also filmed the music for The Last Single.
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    Afternoon brings you to the central business district of Singapore at "Orchard Road", a center of leading department stores and various products such as Center Point, Robinson, Lucky Plaza, Isetan, Takashiyama, Orchard Shopping Center, etc. Allows you to shop many products from around the world. Whether it is a leading brand-name clothing, electrical appliances, snacks, souvenirs, souvenirs, many different toys, it is time to take you to the airport.
    Bring you the latest check-in location within the Changi Airport "Jewel Changi Airport". Highlights of this building are The 40 meter indoor waterfall is the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. The elegant The Rain Vortex is located in the center of the building. With an area of ​​more than 135,700 square meters, developed from the outdoor parking area of ​​Terminal 1 into a 10-story glass dome building and Canopy Park, a small forest with green space from hundreds of thousands of small and large tropical trees. More than 120 types imported from Thailand, Australia, China, Malaysia, Spain and America, as well as shopping centers, small theme parks, cinemas, hotels and rooms. There is a Visual Experience Studio and activity areas such as Hedge Maze, Mirror Maze, Bouncing Net and Walking Net (Bouncing and Walking Net). Canopy Bridge, clear glass bridge, panoramic view 23 meters above the ground, Foggy Bowls and 4-way Discovery Slides in metallic silver. Reflecting the golden wooden floor to add color to the player.
    18.45 hrs. Depart from the airport to return to Bangkok by Singapore Airlines, flight SQ978.
    (Singapore Airlines offers hot food And beverages on board)
    20.15 hrs. The group travels back to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport safely.

Full payment

  • Round-trip plane fare Economy class with all airport taxes as listed above

  • In case you wish to change your seat level from Economy Class to Business Class By using points from the mileage card Must be done 7 days prior to departure, and if payment is required to upgrade, must be done at the airport counter on the day of departure only

  • Accommodation for 2-3 people per room as specified in the list or the equivalent level of food, admission fees and all kinds of vehicles. As specified in the above tour program

  • The company staff provides all the convenience throughout the journey.

  • The total luggage weight on the plane ticket [Nokscoot 20 kg / Air Asia 20 kg / Thai Airways 30 kg / Japan Airlines and 2 All Nippon tickets not over 23 kg / Jetstar Air Whey 25 kilograms] aircraft insurance premium according to the conditions of each airline that is charged

  • Accident insurance cover while traveling Coverage in the amount of 1,000,000 baht per person

  • Medical expenses in the event of an accident limit of 200,000 baht per person according to the conditions of the insurance policy.

  • 7% VAT and with 3% withholding tax

  • Thai passport fees And various foreign documents

  • Other expenses Other than specified, such as food-beverages in addition to laundry, telephone

  • Fuel tax Which the airline charged more after the company issued the plane ticket

  • Tips for guide and driver, total 1,200 baht / trip / per person

  • Cancel 30 days before the departure. Refund all expenses.

  • Cancel 15-29 days prior to departure. Charge at 10,000 baht per person.

  • Cancel less than 1-14 days before departure The company reserves the right. Keep all expenses

  • For passengers who do not hold Thai passports And the company is submitting a visa When the visa result has been passed, the company cancels travel cancellation. Reserves the right to return all deposits

  • The company reserves the right to collect all expenses in the event that you cancel the trip and result in the group not completing the specified amount. (15 persons or more) due to damage to the company and other travelers traveling in the same group, the company must bring to pay for damages caused by your cancellation

  • In case of illness that cannot be traveled which requires a medical certificate from the hospital, the company will postpone your trip to the faculty, but you will have to pay non-refundable expenses, namely fees. In the deposit of the ticket in the event that it is not possible to travel

  • In the event that you have paid the tour fee or deposit, the company will refund the tour fee or deposit. But the company reserves the right to deduct some of the actual expenses on a case-by-case basis (such as if the plane ticket has already been issued Or paid for services in foreign countries such as hotels, etc.) The company reserves the right to deduct actual expenses that have already occurred to you on a case-by-case basis.

  • In the case that travelers cannot enter or exit the city Due to fake documents or the prohibition of officials for any reason However, the company reserves the right to Not all tour returns

  • Please reserve at least 30 days in advance before traveling and please prepare a deposit of 10,000 baht as well as prepare documents to be delivered within 2-3 days after booking.

  • The rest of the tour payment, the company will charge at least 15 days before departure, you should prepare the tour fee before the deadline, because the company must reserve the cost of accommodation and plane tickets, otherwise it will be considered. You cancel the trip automatically.