Malaysia Singapore 4 Days 3 Nights TATSG6891

Malaysia Singapore 4 Days 3 Nights TATSG6891

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Malaysia Singapore 4 Days 3 Nights TATSG6891

 吉隆坡, 马来西亚
出行日期 :
22 十 2022 到 25 十 2022
USD 482
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日期 Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner 酒店
Don Mueang Airport - Kuala Lumpur - Putrajaya - Genting Highlands FIRST WORLD or equivalent to 3 stars.
Sightseeing KL - Malacca - Dutch Square - Johor Bahru JB BERJAYA Waterfront accommodation or equivalent.
Singapore - CITY TOUR - Merlion - Guanyin Temple - UNIVERSAL STUDIO (Card not included) - Marina Bay Sands - Watch the Wonder Full fountain show QUALITY HOTEL or equivalent 3 stars.
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - Garden by the bay - Orchard Road - THE JEWEL CHANGI - Bangkok -
  • Don Mueang Airport - Kuala Lumpur - Putrajaya - Genting Highlands
    06.00 hrs. Concurrent group at Don Mueang Airport, Floor 3, Gate 1, Counter 1, Air Asia, with the company's staff Welcomes and facilitates the checking of luggage and documents.
    09.10 hrs. Fly to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by Air Asia Flight AK881
    12.25 hrs. To the international airport Kuala Lumpur After completing immigration formalities
    Noon. Lunch at the restaurant.
    Afternoon take you to Putrajaya city, Putrajaya .. the city of the future Which is the location of government agencies Including the prime minister palace Watch the beauty of the dream in the Arabian Nights of various architecture. In the new capital city of Malaysia, Putra Mosque, the mosque of the city, made of rose marble. Located on the lake of Putra Pink government house From then, travel to Genting Highland Genting Highland to SKY WAY Cable Car Station (Please prepare 10 RM deposit for luggage. Do not bring large luggage to the cable car. Therefore, tour members must prepare a small bag up to 22x14x9 inches in size to prepare the space that will be used on Genting 1 night). Up to 3.4km to the top of Genting Mountain, the longest in Asia, will experience dense fluffy clouds and cool, fresh air. (Please bring a winter jacket with you)
    Then take you to "FIRST WORLD" or AWANA HOTEL GENTING, equivalent to 3 stars.
    The hotel does not have a room for 3 people, without extra bed. 1,500 baht single accommodation only at Genting FIRST WORLD.
    Independent dinner at GENTING HIGHLAND
    Then independent on Genting at your leisure.
    If the room on GENTING HIGHLAND is full, we reserve the right to change the program to GENTING DAY TOUR and come to sleep at KUALA LUMPUR instead.
    For you to take pictures to keep as a souvenir to various places and also have a national casino That is legally authorized by the government Invite you to enjoy the lottery, such as slots, roulette, dice, baccarat, dice, horse carriage, etc. (for those who want to enter the casino. Gentleman And ladies wearing polite suits Children under 21 years old are prohibited from entering the casino.)
    The outdoor theme park is currently undergoing renovations to open the 20TH CENTURY FOX WORLD.
  • Sightseeing KL - Malacca - Dutch Square - Johor Bahru
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Feel the cool air on the hilltop. With an average temperature throughout the year 16-24 degrees Celsius until it's time to say goodbye to fog Take the cable car back to Gotong Jaya Cable Car Station And take a bus to Kuala Lumpur After that you can see the capital city of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur It is a city set up at the intersection of two rivers. Take a photo with the symbol of skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, the tallest twin building in the world. With a height of 452 meters and then take you through the viewing Ahmed Mosque Oldest and most beautiful in Malaysia Stop to take a picture with Volunteer Monument For the event Fights include World War 1 and 2. The area is a beautiful park. From then, bring you to watch The Istanbul Palace of Niagara, home to the King Rama III, Malaysia, through the Sultan Abdul Saad Building, which is now a government place. Located opposite Merdeka Square Which is a square reminiscent of the day that Malaysia celebrated independence from countries in the Commonwealth
    Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    Afternoon, then take you to Malacca, the "historic city of Malaysia". Melaka, the first capital and the starting point of Malaysia. Trace the history that is full of traces of Western civilization. Take a look at the Dutch Square. The administrative center during the 154 years of the Dutch occupation of Malacca Today is an important symbol of Malacca tourism. Dutch Square is located on Laksmana Road. On both sides of the street are 200-year-old Sino-Portuguese shophouses, unique in red, lime or salmon pink. The area is bright and beautiful in both the building and the bricks on the street. Driveway and pedestrian paths to see St. Paul's Church. Located on St. Paul's Hill. Created in year 2017. Today, only the four walls are preserved as historical evidence for future generations to learn only. During the Portuguese rule of Malacca, this church was named NosaSenhora but changed to St. Paul. In the front there is a statue of St. Francis Xavier, famous for Roman Catholic missionaries, and four missionaries to Melaka until the death of St. Francis' funeral. Sis was buried in front of this church before being sent to India. See the Portuguese fortifications of Efamosa during the colonial era 400 years ago. Take a picture with a replica of the western freighter. The historic city of Malaysia, which used to be under the rule of Holland, Portugal and England before, then led the group to the city of Johor Baru. Gateway to Singapore
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    Take you to JB BERJAYA Waterfront accommodation or equivalent.
  • Singapore - CITY TOUR - Merlion - Guanyin Temple - UNIVERSAL STUDIO (Card not included) - Marina Bay Sands - Watch the Wonder Full fountain show
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    From there he led you across the Johor Baru checkpoint. To travel to Singapore
    09.00 Take you to see the city of Singapore. Which is surrounded by Government House Supreme Court and City Hall View Elizabeth Walk Road Which is a viewpoint on the Singapore River, you can take a picture with Merlion, the symbol of Singapore In the back is "S-Playnath Theater" through "Old Parliament House", the old parliament building. And capture the impression with the "Elephant Statue". The bronze elephant statue is a gift from King Chulalongkorn 5, bringing you to Guanyin Temple Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple This temple is very famous through the fountains of Singapore's Fountain of wealth. It is located among the Suntech City buildings.
    10.00 hrs. The coach takes you to travel beyond imagination to the land of fun Sentosa Island UNIVERSAL STUDIO, the world-class entertainment kingdom (not including universal ticket fees)
    OPTIONAL To purchase additional park tickets, please notify at the time of booking the tour Or notify no later than 7 days before departure
    If buying more then want to cancel Must be notified at least 72 hours before departure. Refunds after the date of departure cannot be refunded in all cases (free lunch and dinner For convenience in traveling)
    You can buy the Optional Tour SEA Aquarium. It is the largest open aquarium in the world with Marine Life Park (Optional. Sea. Aquarium tickets can be purchased at a price of 40 SGD or 1,000 baht / child under 12 years 29 SGD). Rated To be the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia Designed to be an underwater tunnel Can contain more than 45 million liters of saltwater, including more than 800 marine species, gathering more than 100,000 aquatic creatures decorated with boat wreckage The interior simulates the abundance of various seas around the world.
    If not interested in visiting an amusement park Can walk around Sentosa Island, play casino, shopping at VIVO, walk at SILOSO or PALAWAN Beach at your leisure
    Then free you at "Marina Bay Sands", the largest luxury resort in Singapore.
    20.00 hrs. See the largest light, sound and water show in South East Asia with a performance called Wonder Full. This show is held at the Promenade in front of Marina Bay Sands, facing the Marina Bay.
    Note: Marina Bay Sand has suspended the Wonderful Light show from 8 February onwards. The company has led the shopping group and can take pictures of tourist attractions as before.
    Take you to the QUALITY HOTEL or equivalent 3 stars.
  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - Garden by the bay - Orchard Road - THE JEWEL CHANGI - Bangkok
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you to the Chinatown area. Check out the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, built to house the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Of the Lord Buddha This Buddhist temple built the Tang Dynasty architecture, laying the foundation stone on March 1, 2005. The total construction cost is around 62 million Singaporean dollars (about 1500 million baht). The ground floor is a large hall used for ordinances, floors 2-3 Is a museum and a book room on the 4th floor that houses the Buddha Tooth relic (Do not take pictures) for you to pay respect to the goddess of mercy And close to each other are the guest temples which have beautiful decorative arts From then, the newest tourist attraction on Singapore Island, GARDEN BY THE BAY is free for you to see the largest garden arrangement on Singapore Island. Admire the numerous trees and marina's national development center, managed by the Singapore National Park Board. There is also a skywalk connected to a pair of tall Super trees. Is for visitors to see the garden from a 50-meter high angle. At the top of the Super tree you can see the magnificent views of the bay and the surrounding gardens (not including the lift for the Super Tree 8 SGD and entrance fee. Another dome of SGD 28)
    13.30 hrs. Have lunch at Chinese restaurant
    Leading independent group shopping Orchard Road, brand-name products Latest model Will be sold in department stores Located on this road is the first because Singapore has a harbor and every cargo ship will Have to come through This port of Singapore always Orchard Road can be considered a world-class shopping destination. Because there are many good shopping centers, shops and hotels lined up on both side of the road such as TAKASHIMAYA, ISETAN, TANG and many others. Special to watch the JEWEL CHANGI located in the center of Changi Airport. Formed in collaboration with Changi Airport Group and CapitalLand Mall Asia, the concept is truly a hub for aviation, shopping and relaxation. Which is outstanding with cutting-edge architecture in the style of symbolic architecture (Architecturally Iconic) by a group of renowned design experts Safdie Architects (Marina Bay Sands Design), Benoy and RSP (ION Orchard Design) as consultants for this terminal design.
    THE JEWEL is designed to be a large glass dome The total area is approximately 134,000 square meters, divided into 5 floors above ground and 5 basements, can be connected to Terminal 1-3, with the center of the building decorated with a giant waterfall (Rain Vortex) is about 40 meters high, water will flow from the ceiling. Into a large whirlpool basin below
    Please see the flight files at the sales table at the end of the program only.
    ........ It's time to travel to Changi Airport.
    ....... hrs. Depart to Don Mueang Airport by SCOOT AIR. Flight TR 868 Air Asia. Flight FD350.
    ....... am. Travel back to Don Mueang Airport safely and with the impression.

Full payment

  • Air ticket And fuel tax Bangkok-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore-Bangkok (Group tickets)

  • Air-conditioned coach fee throughout the trip

  • Food and beverage expenses specified in the list.

  • Accommodation 3 nights

  • Luggage weight Not more than 20 kg per person

  • Tickets for various tourist attractions as specified

  • Travel accident insurance fee 1,000,000 baht (subject to the conditions of the accident, only for events occurring during the day of travel, with a medical certificate and receipt for reimbursement)

  • Tips for guides and tips for drivers in Malaysia Singapore each 1500 baht throughout the trip

  • Tip of the tour leader according to service satisfaction.

  • Thai passport fees And fees for foreign passport holders

  • Food and beverages that are not listed in the list.

  • Luggage fees that exceed 20 kg

  • Other expenses That are not specified in the list, such as laundry, telephone, mini-bar, etc.

  • 7% VAT and 3% withholding tax

  • Universal studio card


Tour Promotions There is no refund of the deposit and the full amount in all cases.

  • The company reserves the right to change some details in this tour. When an event is impossible until it becomes impossible and cannot be held responsible In case of lost Loss or injury beyond the responsibility of the tour leader and some force majeure events such as strikes, natural disasters, riots, as this tour is a fully paid package. If you waive the right to use any of the services listed or are denied entry into the country under any circumstances, the company reserves the right to not refund in all cases.

  • The company has the right to change or change the program as appropriate. The company reserves the right to postpone travel in the event that there are less than 15 participants, not eating certain meals, not traveling as according to the program. Unable to request a refund of service fees Because the payment of the tour is in the form of a flat fee When you have paid the deposit or all Whether it is through a company representative Or paid directly to the company. The company will consider that you acknowledge and accept various conditions

  • The company is not responsible for damages in the event of airlines, natural disasters, revolutions and others beyond the company's control or additional costs, directly or indirectly, such as illness, injury, or Lost, delay or from various accidents