Philippines Cebu Have Fun 4 Days 2 Nights TATPH6107

Philippines Cebu Have Fun 4 Days 2 Nights TATPH6107

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Philippines Cebu Have Fun 4 Days 2 NightsTATPH6107

 宿雾市, 菲律宾
出行日期 :
07 十二 2023 到 10 十二 2023
USD 465
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  • 日期
    Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) (PR739: 01.30 - 06.25)

    22.00 hrs. The group comes at Suvarnabhumi Airport Outbound passengers, Level 4 doors, 9 counters, Airlines check-in groups Philippine Airlines, with staff. Welcomed And convenient

  • 日期
    Cebu - Bohol Island - Passing through the Balayon Church - Piggy Tarsier - Bollock Village - Chocolate Hills - Blood Compact Shire - Cebu Island
    01.30 hrs. Arrive to Cebu Island by Philippine Airlines. The flight PR739 takes approximately 4.15 hours.
    06.25 hrs. Arrive at Cebu Airport. Cebu Island leads you through immigration and customs formalities.
    Breakfast: Breakfast box
    Then take you to Bohol Island by ferry. Takes about 2 hours. The island is regarded as a diverse island of tourism. Whether it is white sandy beaches, exotic nature Or interesting archaeological sites Take you to the center of the island. Through the residential community of the villagers that have long been settled And was heavily influenced by religion during colonialism through the Baclayon Church, the second oldest church in the Philippines Nowadays it has become a museum of ancient folk shows you to see the Tarsiers, the smallest monkey in the world. The body size is only 4 - 5 inches with reddish brown hair. The round eyes look like the Gremlin. Allowing you to see the cuteness and take close-up photos From then, lead the journey to Boloc village, a small community located on both sides of the river Bring you aboard to enjoy the nature. With lunch Mingling with soft music That was sung by local musicians
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    From then, leading you to Chocolate Hill allows you to view 1,268 small mountains, each approximately 30 meters high from the ground. Which these hills are green during the rainy season And light brown in the summer Looks like a chocolate cube. Is the origin of the name of this chocolate hill. Then take a look at the Blood Compact Shire, a memorial to remembrance of Western and Eastern friendships. It consists of a statue of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, the first Spanish explorer to settle in the Eastern Hemisphere, and Lord Si Katuna, leader of the island of Bo Ho. Both shed blood in wine glasses and drank as an oath. Or called the treaty of friendship between the two races on 16 March 1565. After that he led him to the port
    Dinner. Dinner at the restaurant.
    SUMMIT CIRCLE CEBU HOTEL or similar hotel, Cebu


  • 日期
    Free Day (full day free) Option 1: Whale shark swimming + lunch Option 2: Sardine swimming + lunch
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    After that, you choose the program freely.
    Option 1: Whale shark swimming + lunch (Price not included in the program, approximately 128 USD per person)
    Option 2: Swim, watch sardines + lunch (Price not included in the program, approximately 130 USD per person)
    Note: Please specify your desired option on the day you book the tour. Because the company must reserve the program in advance
    Free dinner (Free)
    SUMMIT CIRCLE CEBU HOTEL or similar hotel, Cebu City


  • 日期
    Ancient Cross - Basilica Mildel Santo Nino - Fort San Pedro - Ancient Houses Yap-San Diego - Heritage Monument of Cebu - Shopping SM City Cebu - Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) ( PR738: 21.10 - 23.59)
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Then take you to see the old capital city of Cebu, take you through the fortress of San Pedro. The fort that protects against danger during the time when the pirates abounded by the ancient Magallen’s Cross, 485 years old, is a symbol of the prosperity of Christianity in the past.
    Take you to see Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, the oldest church in the Philippines. Built in 1565 by Spanish colonists.
    Lunch, have lunch at the restaurant
    From there, take a look at the ancient Yap-San Diego houses for you to see Chinese architecture and interior design. And study the history of Cebu City in the museum's oldest residence in the city. This ancient house, Yap San Diego, is the oldest and only one that can be seen in Cebu. When the Philippines became a Spanish colony in the 1600s and later became a museum that reflects the past of the Chinese colonists in this city. It is said that this house was the first Chinese style house. That is being built outside of China Discover a unique but perfect blend of Chinese and Spanish culture. And infiltrated the Philippines more than a century ago
    Then take you to see the Cebu Heritage Monument (Parian Monument), a monument that reflects the historical events of the city of Cebu since the era of the Spanish colonial rule. After that, take you to SM City Cebu where you can buy free souvenirs such as dried mangoes, famous products in Cebu.
    Independent dinner, dinner for you to shop at your leisure
    19.00 hrs. Bringing you to Cebu Airport. To return to Bangkok
    21.25 hrs. Arrive back to Bangkok, Thailand by Philippine Airlines. The flight at PR738 takes approximately 3.30 hours.
    23.59 Arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport safely and with the impression 


Meals And Accommodation
SUMMIT CIRCLE CEBU HOTEL or similar hotel, Cebu
SUMMIT CIRCLE CEBU HOTEL or similar hotel, Cebu City

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