Myanmar Mandalay World Heritage City 4Days 3Nights TATMM 8515

Myanmar Mandalay World Heritage City 4Days 3Nights TATMM 8515

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Myanmar Mandalay World Heritage City 4Days 3Nights TATMM 8515

 曼德勒, 緬甸
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    Don Mueang Airport • Mandalay • Shwenanjong Teak Palace • Kuthodaw Temple • Mandalay Hill

    09:00 a.m. Meet at Don Mueang Airport. Departure building MYANMAR AIRWAYS counter (8M) with staff to facilitate everyone.
    12.20 hrs. depart for Mandalay City, Burma by Flight 8M361*Meals are provided on the roundtrip*
    01:40 p.m. Arrive at Mandalay Airport, Burma, go through immigration formalities. (Local time in Burma is 30 minutes slower than Thailand) Take you to Mandalay. The historical city of Myanmar By air-conditioned bus
    Then take you to see the Shwenanjeong Teak Palace (Golden Palace Monastry), which is built entirely from teak. Beautiful in the style of authentic Burmese art. Magnificently decorated with intricate and delicate carved patterns on the roof, doors and windows. Emphasis is placed on the details of the Buddha's life and ten lifetimes. It can truly be considered the exquisite craftsmanship of the royal artisans of Mandalay.
    Take you to see Kuthodaw Temple. Pagoda), which was once the location of the 5th Tripitaka Council. There are 84,000 stone tablets with inscriptions on the Tripitaka, and the Guinness Book of Records has recorded them as “the largest book in the world.”
    Then take you to admire the view of Mandalay Hills, located in the middle of Mandalay city. One of the most popular tourist attractions is a scenic viewpoint and important landmarks for tourists to admire. You can see most of Mandalay city. In addition to the viewpoint On the mountain top, there are also many temples, sanctuaries, and sacred objects to worship. Tourists like to go up to watch the sunset in the evening. Which was another very beautiful time.
    In the evening, dinner is served at the restaurant.
    Then take you to YI LINK HOTEL3* or equivalent accommodation.

  • 日期
    Mandalay • Drive to Bagan • Kupyanggyi Temple • Manuha Temple • Dhammayangyi Temple • Sabpanyu Pagoda Watch the sunset

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you on a journey to Bagan. The historical city of Myanmar By air-conditioned bus (Travel time approximately 4 hours)Relax on the vehicle at your leisure.
    Take you to see Gubyaukkyi Temple, built by the son of King Jansiddha. What stands out is The most beautiful murals in Bagan that remains
    Then take you to see Wat Manuha (Manuha Temple). The temple is located in the southern part of Myingkaba village. It was built in 1059 by Manuha, the Mon king. To accumulate merit for the next life Therefore, some gems were sold to build this temple. The temple structure is quite narrow. There is one reclining Buddha image and three Buddha images sitting huddled together inside. It reflects the grievances of this captive king very well.
    Noon: Lunch is served at the restaurant **Special menu: local river prawns**
    Take you to worship the Omniscience Pagoda, which is the highest pagoda in Bagan. Visit the Dhammayangyt temple built by King Narathu. and it is believed that it is the largest temple in Bagan. Created to wash away sins For he was worried that the karma from his patriarch's actions would follow him in the next life. Standing tall and majestic like a cruel legend has been told. Take you to see the sunset view in the surrounding area.
    In the evening, dinner is served at the restaurant and you will watch a puppet show. You will be able to watch life-like puppet shows and taste local food.
    Then you will be taken to ARTHAWKA HOTEL 3* or equivalent.

  • 日期
    Bagan • Shwezigon Pagoda • Tilominlo Temple • Ananda Temple • Mandalay • Lacquerware Factory

    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Then visit Shwezigon Pagoda. Pagoda) which is a true Burmese original stupa. It has a large golden color. Built after King Anawrahtha ascended the throne. To be used to contain the Buddha's relics From many parts of the body It has a large golden color. Used as both a prayer meeting place and the center of Theravada Buddhism in Bagan.
    Then visit Htilominlo Temple, built in 1211 by the command of King Nandao-Maya. He was the son of King Narapati Siddhu. which happened to a certain woman and risked his choice to be the heir to the throne. It is a temple 46 meters high and 43 meters long, equal on all 4 sides, with artificial Buddha statues on bases in all 4 directions. On both floors there are ancient murals and stucco designs. Built by Phra Tilominlo in 1761, it has been praised for being very beautiful both inside and out.
    Noon: Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    Take you back to Mandalay city. (travel time 4 hours)
    Then take you to see Bagan's famous items, namely lacquer ware, which is considered to be the most famous in Burma, such as cups, saucers, and jars from small to large sizes. Chests for various things What is becoming popular is The storage jar is made from woven horsetail hair and a bamboo frame. It is light in size and can be squeezed to collapse. And then go back and return the picture as before.
    In the evening, dinner is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Then take you to YI LINK HOTEL3* or equivalent accommodation.

  • 日期
    Mandalay • Mahamuni Face Washing Ceremony • Amarapura • U Bein Bridge • Mahakandayong Temple • Mandalay Airport • Don Mueang Airport Bangkok

    04:00 a.m. leading you in worship Phra Mahamaymuni It is one of the five most sacred objects in Burma. It is considered the prototype of a large golden Buddha statue dressed in royal garb that has been dubbed. “Soft gold Buddha image” that the King of Rakhine cast at Thammawadi in the year 689, 12 feet 7 inches tall, covered with 2 inches thick gold leaf, decorated with gold jewelry in the posture of Maravichai. The oldest Buddha statue in Myanmar Invite everyone to join in making merit in the restoration of Kusinara Temple. which is hundreds of years old Enshrined in the reclining Buddha Very beautiful, then return to the hotel
    In the morning, breakfast is served at the hotel restaurant.
    Then travel to the city of Amrapura, the city of the immortals, located in the southern part of the city. See the U-Ben wooden bridge, the longest wooden bridge in the world, named Sao U by senior government officials. The bridge's pillars use 1,208 teak woods. The tree, which is more than 200 years old, spans Kong Taman Lake. Go to Choktorjee Temple. which has a pagoda built in the style of Ananda Temple of Bagan
    Take you to see Mahakandayong Temple. (MahagandaryonMonastry) is the largest temple in Burma at Amarapura. During lunchtime, there will be hundreds of monks walking in a line with restraint to receive food. This monastic college is the place to study the Dhamma and maintain the Dhamma and discipline. Due to the beautiful practices of the monks at Mahakandayong Temple, many Burmese people send their children to study Buddhism here.
    Noon: Lunch is served at the restaurant.
    It's time to take you to Mandalay Airport.
    02:50 p.m. Departure for Don Mueang Airport by AirlinesMYANMAR AIRWAYS (8M) Flight 8M362
    05:10 p.m. Arrive safely in Bangkok. With an unforgettable impression

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YI LINK HOTEL3* or equivalent accommodation.
ARTHAWKA HOTEL 3* or equivalent.
YI LINK HOTEL3* or equivalent accommodation.
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