India Leh Ladakh 8 Days 6 Nights TATIN6681

India Leh Ladakh 8 Days 6 Nights TATIN6681

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India Leh Ladakh 8 Days 6 Nights TATIN6681

 德里, 印度
出行日期 :
16 十 2022 到 23 十 2022
USD 1,055
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日期 Subject Breakfast Lunch Dinner 酒店
Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport) -
Bangkok - Delhi - Aksaradam Temple - Kutub Minar - India Gate - Chanthapat Market HOTEL PAVILLION or a similar hotel
Leh Airport (fly inside) - Tikse Temple - Leh Palace - Pagoda of Peace DIMBER RESIDENCY LEH or a similar hotel
Leh - The highest road in the world Khardung La pass - Nubra Valley - Camel Ride ECO VILLAGE NUBRA VALLEY accommodation or equivalent
Nubra Valley - Pangong Lake - Leh DIMBER RESIDENCY LEH or equivalent
Leh-Delhi-Agra TAJ VILAS accommodation or equivalent.
Agra-Taj Mahal-Agraford-Delhi -
Agra-Taj Mahal-Agraford-Delhi -
  • Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport)
    19.30 hrs. Concurrent group at Don Mueang Airport International Departure Hall, Floor 3, Counter 3, Gate 3-4 NokScoot Airlines, with staff to assist you with travel documents and luggage.
    21.40 hrs. Departure to Delhi, India By NokScoot, flight XW306 (takes about 4.10 hours) (no in-flight meals)
  • Bangkok - Delhi - Aksaradam Temple - Kutub Minar - India Gate - Chanthapat Market
    00.15 hrs. Arrive at Indira Gandhi International Airport, India Bringing you through the ceremony and receiving the bag. (Local time is 1.30 hours slower than Thailand.) After that you will travel to your hotel in Delhi. In order to not allow you to sit all night on the car, not too difficult and not too tired
    NEW DELHI HOTEL DPAVILLION or another hotel of the same name, Delhi
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel restaurant.
    Take you to Akshardham, the largest Hindu temple in the world. And is a spiritual and cultural college Important landmarks in New Delhi of India Designed in traditional Indian architectural style That is complex but exquisite This temple is a newly built temple of Hindu Swami Narayan. In the name of Akash Sharadam means The abode of the gods of the world Completed in 2005. The idea of ​​building temples came from Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj, a Hindu ruler who 4 of Swami Narayan sect With the wish to build a temple near the Yamuna River And was built until the reign of the 5th ruler. The temple is still grand and grand like the Indian temple Attract disciples and tourists to worship and admire the magnificence of this temple every year In the event that the Aqashdaram Temple is closed The company reserves the right to switch programs and then take you to visit Qutb Minar, one of the most prominent symbols in New Delhi. Received a World Heritage status in 2536 as a high tower built of red sandstone. (Like the Humayun Mausoleum) and marble is a 14-meter-high column at the end of the top fragment, 2.7 meters wide, 72.5 meters high (about 20 floors high).
    Lunch, Lunch
    From there, take you through the India Gate, a memorial to the brave soldiers who died in the war with England during World War I and the Afghanistan War. This triumphal arch is regarded as a symbol of New Delhi. The arch has architecture like the triumphal arch of Paris and Vientiane. Which is 42 meters high, built from sandstone in the year 1931 BC, on the surface of the arch of this arch will show the names of the dead soldiers carved. And under the arch will be the torch that will never be extinguished to commemorate the dead in the Indian-Pakistan War. In the year 1971, there were guards around the arch at all times to prevent sabotage, leading you to JanpathMarket, free to buy local products and handicrafts such as Indian silk, jewelery, and sandalwood. Carvings, decorative items, home decorations, etc. We reserve the right to change not to the Chan Pathat market if there is not enough time  
    Dinner dinner
    Accommodation in HOTEL PAVILLION or a similar hotel
  • Leh Airport (fly inside) - Tikse Temple - Leh Palace - Pagoda of Peace
    Morning eat breakfast
    Take you to Delhi Airport.
    ..... hrs. Continue traveling to Leh By airlines ...... flights at .....
    ..... Arrive at Leh Airport Check the luggage and take you to your accommodation. By riding a local car 5-8 people. Leh is a city at an altitude of more than 3,550 meters above sea level. Suggest that everyone drink water often because the weather is quite sparse.
    Noon, have lunch
    Take you to Tikche Temple. (ThikseyMonastery) is a prominent temple on the hill with a beautiful landscape. Founded in the 15th century, this temple is a Yellow Hat Buddhist sect. (Gleukpa sect) is the same line with the Dalai Lama of Tibet Which has replicated the Potala Palace in Tibet Inside the temple there are many pictures of Phra Sri Achan Metatai and Lama. It took 2 years to build together and then take you to see Leh Palace, a prominent palace in the middle of the 9-story Leh city, built in the 17th century, with similar architectural styles to Pau Palace. Tala in Tibet You can see the beautiful scenery of Leh and the surrounding area. Afterwards, take you to see the Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa), a large white pagoda built by Japanese lama monks. To proclaim religion and show world peace This pagoda is a viewpoint that overlooks Leh. And the Leh Palace clearly Then you can see the Hall of Fame, where you can see paintings depicting the story of Indian soldiers fighting against the country. After that, bring you to watch Leh Market allows you to see the beauty and way of life of the people of Leh. And buy local products
    Dinner dinner
    Hotel accommodation at DIMBER RESIDENCY LEH or a similar hotel
  • Leh - The highest road in the world Khardung La pass - Nubra Valley - Camel Ride
    Morning Have breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you to travel to Nubra Valley or Flower Valley (Nubra Valley), which is north of Leh. It is an area that is fertile and flows through the Chyeok River. The weather is lower than Leh, and the height is lower than Leh. Making the air cool and suitable for breeding You can see various flowers here. In the old days it was part of a land route between Tibet and Tajik base. The journey takes about 5 hours to pass through the Khardungla Pass, which is the tallest road in the world at an altitude of 18,380 feet or about 5,578 meters above sea level. At this point, tourists are not allowed to stay for a long time. Because the weather is very light This route is a shortcut to the valley. Between you will see the Karakorum Mountains in Pakistan and the beautiful Himalayas. On the way, you will see the yak in the air in the high mountains in the cold region. And beautiful streams along the path
    Lunch, Lunch
    Travel to Nubra Valley Allow you to enjoy a camel ride on the Hunder sand dune desert (not including the cost of a camel ride, 15 USD per person. Can ask the tour leader) and enjoy watching flowers. Beautiful Himalayan mountains and streams
    Dinner dinner
    Accommodation Access to ECO VILLAGE NUBRA VALLEY accommodation or equivalent
  • Nubra Valley - Pangong Lake - Leh
    Morning eat breakfast
    Take you to the Panggong Lake, a large saltwater lake. Located at the west end of Ladakh district Jammu and Kashmir at an altitude of 4,267 meters above sea level. 1 in 4 of the lake is in Ladakh district of India. The rest are in the Tibetan region. Is the highest saltwater lake in the world It takes approximately 5 hours to travel from Leh. The Changla Pass route is at an altitude of 5490 meters above sea level. On the way you will see beautiful mountain views. Peng Kong is also known as a colorful lake. It is influenced by the rays of the sun that is reflected in the high-low peaks behind the fortifications that surround the lake. Resulting in the color of the water in the lake joking with the light of the sun From the morning light and crystal clear To the turquoise and green And dark blue in the evening It is also known as the lake of calm, clear, and endless.
    Lunch, Lunch
    Afternoon, then take you to travel to Lake Peng Kong. Allowing you to freely experience the atmosphere And collecting pictures of the beautiful lake Which is reputed to be one of the most beautiful lake areas in the world After that he led him back to Leh.
    Dinner dinner
    Accommodation: Arrive at the DIMBER RESIDENCY LEH or equivalent
  • Leh-Delhi-Agra
    Morning eat breakfast
    .... hrs. Take you back to Delhi by airline ... Flights ...
    ..... hrs. Arrive at Delhi Airport.
    Lunch, Lunch
    Afternoon takes you to travel from Delhi. By passing into Uttar Pradesh Which is rich with various agricultural sources produced to feed the entire Indian nation Follow the new highway, go through the big city of Madura, enter Agra city
    Dinner dinner
    The accommodation travels to enter TAJ VILAS accommodation or equivalent.
  • Agra-Taj Mahal-Agraford-Delhi
    Morning eat breakfast
    Take you to visit Taj Mahal, a world heritage site, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Which commemorates the great and immortal love of Shah Jahan towards Queen Mantaz Built in the year 1631, then led you to the grave gate, which is engraved with Arabic words in dedication and mourning to the beloved person who passed away And take you to take a picture with the fountain that has the Taj Mahal behind. Then take you to the building made of pure white marble from Makraana That is decorated with patterns inlaid stones in various colors Into the stone Which is a masterpiece of world architecture designed by a technician from Persia In the center of the building is a dome shaped four-postered tower In the center is the burial ground of Queen Tamaz Mahal and Shah Jahan. Be with each other for all eternity The Taj Mahal took 12 years to complete, with an investment of 41 million rupees. Gold was used to decorate various parts of the building, weighing 500 kilograms and using more than 20,000 workers. Adjacent to the Yamuna River, on the opposite side, a large area has been adjusted to the ground. It is said that Shah Jahan prepared to build his own tomb in black marble, with the same building picture as the Taj Mahal. In order to be side by side But was Aurangzeb Seize power and take him to imprison in Fort Agra first Then take you to visit Agra Fort (Agra Fort), a world heritage site adjacent to the Yamuna River, built by King Akbar the Great of the Mughal dynasty in 1565. It is both a royal residence and Later, the son was King Shah Hangir and the nephew (son of King Shah Mahir), King Shah Jahan built a large extension and fort this palace. And take you to see the fort through the Amon Singha Gate to enter into the palace section Through the ornamental courtyard Giant red sandstone basin for bathing You will see the architecture of three eras in accordance with the different tastes of the Three Kings. Take you to see inside the various palaces carved with the motif of Mughal art influenced by Indian art. Blended with Persian art Then brought up onto the second floor porch which had a porch porch Which can see the view of the Yamuna River Next, take a look at the rooms of the kings, sons, daughters and various people. Then take a look at the Majum Manchak Palace with its octagonal porch With wide windows That can see the Taj Mahal In this palace, it is said that Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb for 7 years at the end of his reign until his death. Then take a look at the garden courtyard decorated on the One Tree Avenue on the first floor where a great peacock throne was enshrined. (Currently in Iran) and on the courtyard of this ornamental garden where Shah Jahan Had first found love with Queen Mantius Who brought pearl necklace products to sell to her in the harem
    Noon, have lunch
    Afternoon brings you back to Delhi.
    Dinner dinner
    It's time to take you to Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi.
  • Agra-Taj Mahal-Agraford-Delhi
    01.30 hrs. Take you back to Bangkok (Don Mueang Airport), Thailand. Flight XW305.
    07.10 hrs. Return to Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok, Thailand with security.

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